Nokia and Microsoft, the ugly choice

A lot of us here are suddenly asking if Microsoft can save Nokia. Back in 2005 Palm was clearly in trouble, their smartphone sales weren’t going anyplace and their plan to break the company into two parts - one  software and the other hardware - had failed badly. 

Nokia-Microsoft partnership prompts mass walkout

After months of speculation about Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s game plan for reviving Nokia, he dropped a bomb on Friday announcing the company's "broad strategic" partnership with Microsoft. But not everyone is happy with the announcement, and thousands walked out of Nokia facilities in protest.

Can Microsoft save Nokia?

Nokia is hoping that a mobile partnership with industry heavyweight Microsoft will help the company regain its once prominent ranking in the hyper-competitive market.

Microsoft and Nokia create a new mobile order

Microsoft and Nokia have teamed up to create a new mobile order based on Redmond's Windows Phone 7 platform. The deal effectively marks the end of an era for Symbian and is likely the death knell for Intel's nascent MeeGo operating system.

Google & Microsoft lure Nokia away from MeeGo and Symbian with cash

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors over Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s plans to fire some high level execs tomorrow at an analyst meeting in London. Everyone is talking about Elop’s vision of a new Nokia, but some argue that money could play an important role in the changes. In the meantime, both Microsoft and Google are supposedly offering Nokia hundreds of millions of dollars to switch to Windows 7 or Android operating systems.

Conficker prompts Windows Autorun lockdown

Microsoft has issued a security patch that changes how earlier versions of its flagship Windows operating system handles security when reading "non-shiny" storage media.

Apple and Wal-Mart slug it out in online movie market

Apple iTunes is still way ahead of the pack in the online movie sales business - but its market share fell last year and it needs to watch out for Wal-Mart, says analyst iSuppli.

This man can't stop hatin' on Steve Jobs and Microsoft

Netgear CEO Patrick Lo is hella angry at Steve Jobs. Why, you ask? Well, according to Lo, Steve's rather sizable ego is way out of control.

Analysis: Windows Phone 7 sales reach 2 million

We were all making fun of the initial sluggish pace of Microsoft's new mobile phone platform, but it looks like it's been picking up steam as the company now says it's sold more than 2 million Windows Phone 7 phones.

Microsoft ships two million WP7 devices

Be still my beating heart! Yes, 'tis true - Microsoft managed to ship two million Windows Phone 7 devices to cellphone carriers as of the end of December.

Macheads can now "try before you buy" Microsoft Office

If you're a Mac user and you absolutely cannot stomach the idea of paying for a Microsoft product, you can at least give Office a try for 30 days without spending a dime. Office for Mac has just introduced a trial program.

Microsoft VP bottles the scent of money

There is nothing like the scent of money to get you motivated in the morning! At least, that's the idea behind one Chicago man's newest fragrance line - aptly called "Money."

Microsoft touts iOS-friendly OneNote

Microsoft has debuted an iOS-friendly version of OneNote for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft calls shenanigans on Apple's "App Store" trademark

Sometimes a trademark is granted to something that seems completely acceptable at the time but then down the road causes a lot of people to turn their heads. And that's why Microsoft is fighting to remove Apple's exclusive rights to the rather generic "App Store" name.

Microsoft won't sell a dedicated portable game device

Microsoft has confirmed it has no interest in selling any sort of portable Xbox, and will instead focus all of its mobile gaming energy to the new Windows Phone 7 platform.

Windows Phone 7 could blow data allowances

Microsoft is looking into reports that phones running Windows Phone 7 are sending out large amounts of data without their users' knowledge.

Is Intel killing x86 architecture?

Microsoft running Windows on ARM SoCs? Nvidia building a RISC-powered CPU? Yes, the industry message to Intel is crystal clear: We will no longer be bound by the shackles of x86 architecture.

New Kinect feature turns Xbox avatars into virtual chatters

From day one, Microsoft said the technology that eventually became Kinect would be more than just a new game controller. It'd be a way to revolutionize the entire console experience. It's latest bid to make good on that promise is a feature called Avatar Kinect.

Microsoft: Next version of Windows will be ARM-friendly

Microsoft has redefined the traditional x86 Wintel paradigm by announcing that future iterations of its flagship Windows operating system will support ARM-based SoCs.

Microsoft plans Apple TV rival

Now that Apple's TV set-top box is actually a hit, Microsoft wants to take it down. The competing software giant is reportedly working on its own device to bring Windows Media Center to the masses.