Microsoft gives out Windows Phone 7 numbers "that matter"

The software giant doesn't think sales numbers matter.

Microsoft complains to EU over 'anti-competitive' Google

Microsoft's put its two-penn'orth in to the European Commission's anti-trust investigation of Google, and has filed a formal complaint.

Bill Gates vs. "Idea Man" Paul Allen: the sad autobiography problem

Fortunately, or for some unfortunately, we are nearing the end of numerous careers. Obviously, everyone would like to be remembered as a hero of their own story. 

Windows 8 now in the hands of PC makers

Yep, you better believe it.

Battle over 'App Store' trademark intensifies

Apple doesn't like the fact that Microsoft is calling its digital Windows Phone software marketplace the "app store."

Microsoft checks out indie game vote-rigging claims

Microsoft's investigating claims that some users have been manipulating the service by posting false ratings for games in its Xbox Live Indie Games (XLBIG) section.

Now Microsoft wants NFC-enabled smartphones

Microsoft, which only recently figured out how to do cut and paste with WP7, is apparently planning to equip its next-gen smartphones with NFC (near field communication) technology.

Microsoft pays $7.5 million for IPv4 addresses

With the net running out of old-style IPv4 addresses, those that remain available have value - and Microsoft has agreed to buy a big block of them for $11.25 each.

Google now most valuable brand on the planet

Google was recently declared the most valuable brand on the planet by BrandFinance, which confirmed the rather inevitable milestone.

Is Motorola getting ready to ditch Android?

Motorola is reportedly developing a web-based mobile operating system as a "possible alternative" to Google's Android.

Bing site updated for Android and iPhone, not WP7

Microsoft's search engine just got a bit better for people who use one of the major mobile operating systems, but not for people who use Microsoft's own OS.

Windows Phone 7 finally adding 'cut and paste' update

After waiting for months, facing a delayed update, and struggling through a previous, buggy update, Windows Phone 7 users are finally getting the ability to 'cut and paste.'

Microsoft files against Barnes and Noble: The hidden cost of Android

It is interesting how much more active Microsoft has become with regard to protecting its intellectual property in the last 5 years.

Development of Nokia Windows phone begins

The first Nokia phone to run Windows Phone 7 instead of Nokia's long-running Symbian platform is reportedly already in development.

Internet Explorer 9 downloaded 2.3 million times

In just 24 hours, Microsoft registered more than 2.3 downloads of its newest Web browser.

Internet Explorer 9 is open for business

As promised, Microsoft has released the latest version of Internet Explorer, adding new feature to help it better compete with Firefox and Chrome.

Microsoft says IE9 would not be Pwn2Owned

Internet Explorer is in the headlines today, but not in a good way. The browser was compromised and shown to be dangerously exploitable in an annual contest called Pwn2Own.

Microsoft delays WP7 cut and paste after update SNAFU

Windows Phone 7 users will have to wait even longer for simple cut and paste functionality as Redmond postpones a long-awaited platform update to the latter half of March.

Xbox Live Points scam costs Microsoft $1.2 million

An online scam went viral over the weekend, allowing users to manipulate a proprietary website to generate free Microsoft Points.

Internet Explorer 9 coming March 14

It took Microsoft a while to nail down an official date for the release of its next Web browser, but it has done just that now in setting March 14 as the official launch date of Internet Explorer 9.