What's inside Nokia's Helsinki HQ?

It seems like almost everyone in Finland has worked for Nokia at one time or another.

Leaked Windows 8 build shows Microsoft going FTW

A leaked version of Windows 8 (build 7989) seems to indicate that Remdond is finally getting serious about coding a halfway decent operating system.

Microsoft Skype deal passes FTC probe

Microsoft's acquisition of Skype has been cleared of federal antitrust questions.

Finland adapts to Nokia's Windows Phone choice

Despite Nokia's recent 7,000 employee layoff, there seems to be a lot of love for the mega corporation throughout Finland.

Windows 8 likely coming out fall 2012

There are new details about exactly when Windows 8 will be hitting store shelves.

Microsoft rejects WebGL

Microsoft's refusing to endorse WebGL, saying its security risks make it 'harmful', as an independent research firm finds a swath of flaws.

IT support scam hits millions of users

An astonishing one in seven computer users may have received phone calls from scammers posing as support engineers, Microsoft is warning.

Analysis: Acer gets a dose of Android tablet reality

Many journalists and analysts have questioned if there is a viable tablet market aside from Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Rumor: Next Xbox coming E3 2012

We didn't see it materialize last week as some had hoped.

E3 was a wake-up call for the industry

We mull over a lack of excitement and announcements that didn't happen.

Why IDC, others think Windows Phone can win

Another research group is saying Microsoft's Windows Phone platform will eventually overtake the iPhone.

Will WP7 trounce the iPhone in 2015?

Sales of Windows Phone 7 devices have thus far been rather underwhelming. But analysts at IDC believe Microsoft's WP7 platform, combined with Nokia's hardware expertise, will help the rapidly evolving OS outpace Apple's iPhone.

Supreme Court upholds patent ruling against Microsoft

The Supreme Court yesterday rejected Microsoft's appeal against a $290 million patent suit brought by i4i.

Report: Microsoft wants its own Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft is reportedly mulling over the possibility of launching its very own Windows 8 tablet.

ARM + Windows 8 = 40% notebook market share?

Can power-conscious ARM chips paired with a RISC-friendly version (or versions) of Windows 8 capture 40% of the lucrative notebook market by 2015?

Kinect grows up with core games, new content

Microsoft has just wrapped up its big pre-E3 press conference and while Kinect was yet again the focus, this time it's actually cool.

Two Kinect games leaked ahead of E3 unveiling

At the last minute, someone has finally managed to pop the lid on Microsoft's E3 secrets.

New consoles, surprises, and damage control await at E3

Next week kicks off one of the biggest video game events in the world.

Spike TV to test live streaming to Xbox 360

Next week, for the first time ever, you'll be able to watch a TV show on a game console at the same time it's being broadcast on TV.

Does MeeGo have a future?

An industry insider claims the nascent MeeGo operating system will be dead within 8 months.