Microsoft pushes WP7 Mango to "Christmas"

Microsoft originally used the word "fall" to describe when the huge update to its Windows Phone platform would arrive.

Microsoft denies Xbox Live cloud rumors

Microsoft is denying speculation that its promised cloud storage service for Xbox Live has been rolled out ahead of schedule.

Steve Ballmer to present 2012 CES keynote

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will return to the stage as the headline speaker at next year's Consumer Electronics Show.

The average gamer is now 37-years-old

The Entertainment Software Association has just released its annual report.

Microsoft, Google and AOL face mapping patent fight

An obscure Louisiana company is having a pop at Google, Microsoft and AOL for allegedly infringing its 3D mapping patent.

Report: Sony ready to kick off PS4 production

Sony will reportedly begin production of its next-gen PlayStation 4 console by the end of 2011. 

Microsoft to power Baidu's English language searches

With Google having pulled out of China over censorship concerns, Microsoft spotted an opportunity and has signed a deal with Chinese search engine Baidu to provide it with English language search results.

Yes, Feds can intercept cloud data

A high-ranking Redmond exec has confirmed that data stored in Microsoft's cloud - regardless of its actual physical (server) location - cannot be protected against the U.S. Patriot Act.

Microsoft offers devs a basket full of Mangos

Microsoft is currently offering Windows Phone 7 developers early access to Mango. 

Unfazed Intel to press ahead with MeeGo

Nokia may have launched its first and last Meego-powered smartphone, but Intel remains determined to press ahead with the development of its versatile Linux-based operating system.

Microsoft maintains "wait and see" 3D strategy

Microsoft is understandably maintaining a "wait and see" attitude towards 3D gaming.

Intel preps Cloverview for Windows 8 deployment

Microsoft's RISC-friendly version (or versions) of Windows 8 may have shattered the traditional WinTel paradigm, but Intel is preparing to meet its ARM rival in battle nonetheless.

Report: Android smartphones plagued by high failure rate

A recently published survey claims Android smartphones suffer from a relatively high failure rate, at least compared to Apple, Microsoft and RIM.

Microsoft remains unimpressed with handheld consoles

Although both Nintendo and Sony continue to invest in the handheld gaming market alongside their Wii and PlayStation consoles, Microsoft appears reluctant, if not completely uninterested in joining the game.

Microsoft testing white-space broadband in UK

Microsoft, BT, and other companies have teamed up to test a system providing broadband services via unused television spectrum.

Microsoft says Xbox only "halfway through" its lifecycle

A high-ranking Microsoft exec says the Xbox 360 is only about "halfway through" its already respectable life cycle.

More Windows Phone Mango features revealed

The ability to chat with friends over Xbox Live is just one of the new features coming to Windows Phone's Mango update.

Nokia may outsource Windows Phone manufacturing

A new report suggests a very out-of-the-ordinary move for Nokia.

Here's the very first Windows Phone Nokia phone

During a media event today, Nokia unveiled its first Windows Phone-powered mobile device.

New tool offers instant Outlook translations

There's a new add-on for Outlook that lets users write an e-mail and send it to anyone in the world.