Microsoft financial results take a beating

Microsoft's 2013 fourth quarter and end of fiscal year results are not fun. On the surface of things, it is all about the Surface debacle. Not quite an MS Bob level tragedy, but everyone is ticked off about the whole thing: Microsoft, its partners, its investors, post-PC era, yadda, yadda, yadda.   

The end of cable TV is nigh - Aereo wins another round

I was around when cable first came to market, with the so-called "experts" arguing that no one would be stupid enough to pay for something you could get for free, namely advertising funded TV programs. And here we are decades later, pretty much proving them wrong, because, yes we are stupid enough.

Kinect autoload for players of Killer Instinct

At the EVO 2013 fighting game tournament, Microsoft revealed how Kinect will detect who is holding a controller and help automatically load a profile for its exclusive Xbox fighter game, Killer Instinct. Same event: Microsoft booed. Go figure.  

Microsoft lab where PCs go to be killed

There is a place in Microsoft where they like to hurt, torture and use extreme prejudice to eliminate their own devices. 

Report: Smart watch shipments to hit 5 million units in 2014

It's true that current-gen smart watches have gotten off to a relatively slow start, although the status quo is likely to be shaken up in 2014.

Microsoft Outlook on iPad and iPhone

Let's be honest: about time. Outlook Web App (OWA) is going all Apple on us. But, if you look at the interface, it looks like Apple is going all Microsoft tile-y. Hmmm.

Report: New console (Xbox One, PS4) forecasts falling short

New game consoles designed by Sony and Microsoft are slated to ship in selected markets during the 2013 holiday season. As previously discussed on TG Daily, the Xbox One and Sony PS4 appear evenly matched with content remaining as the primary means of differentiation.

Microsoft's epic realignment of the company

Steve Ballmer's memo to the Microsoft faithful on the shift in strategy is either epic or yet another symptom of why the company needs a serious management refresh. It's also very long so, we could just be saying this because we lost him at hello.

Fix Toolbox Releases a New SQL Database Fix Tool with Advanced Functionality

Fix Toolbox, one of the leading experts in the field of data recovery and database repair solutions, announces the release of SQL Server Fix Toolbox, the newest member of the company’s growing product portfolio and a tool capable of restoring the contents of corrupted SQL database files quicker than ever.  

Will Microsoft buy Barnes & Noble's Nook tablet business?

A number of analysts apparently believe Microsoft may snap up Barnes & Noble's Nook tablet business after the latter company's CEO announced his plans to depart the struggling corporation amidst plans to restructure.

AMD is the common (silicon) denominator for consoles and PCs

AMD dominates all three next-gen consoles: the Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4.

Analyst: Microsoft to lower Xbox One price tag for 10 year console cycle

Earlier this week, Microsoft abandoned a slew of unpopular and controversial policies which severely limited the use of its Xbox One and accompanying games. Fortunately, even more changes are apparently afoot in Redmond, as Microsoft may very well decide to lower the price of its next-gen console sometime in the near future.

Microsoft gives up - abandons Xbox One restrictions

Microsoft, reeling from weeks of criticism over a slew of Xbox One restrictions, has abruptly issued an update about its next-gen console. 

Now Microsoft claims the $500 Xbox One "over-delivers" on value

Microsoft, seemingly unperturbed by the furor and controversy surrounding its upcoming Xbox One, is now claiming the gaming system "over-delivers" value.

Has Microsoft gone too far with the Xbox One?

Has Microsoft gone too far with its long-awaited Xbox One? Is the next-gen console Redmond's hardware version of Vista?

Microsoft Office goes Mobile for the iPhone

Microsoft has launched an iPhone version of Office Mobile for Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 ProPlus subscribers.

Microsoft insists Xbox One policies are "definitive" (but may evolve)

Microsoft exec Phil Spencer says Redmond's online and software authorization requirements for the Xbox are "definitive" and will remain in place (for now).

Microsoft defends Xbox One, says people don't like change

Microsoft isn't really all that interested in hearing your opinion about the new Xbox One console. Don't like that it has to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours? Too bad. Upset about Redmond's policy towards pre-owned games? Sorry, complaint box is full.

Sony's Playstation 4 isn't limited like Microsoft's Xbox One

During an E3 press conference yesterday, Sony confirmed that its upcoming $400 Playstation 4 console will not be limited by the same hobbling restrictions as Microsoft's Xbox One.

Microsoft: Xbox One needs the Internet every 24 hours

Microsoft has confirmed that its upcoming Xbox One console will require an Internet connection every 24 hours.