Is Microsoft the best positioned vendor in the tablet market?

Is Microsoft the best positioned vendor in the tablet market? Well, given that Redmond has zero market share, promoting such a prediction would be fairly controversial for any analyst.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony at E3 is all about games

There was a markedly different tone between Sony and Microsoft during yesterday's pre-E3 media events.

Microsoft misses expectations at E3 2012

Microsoft's official Xbox 360 media briefing was a sandwich of games, entertainment, and games. Just like last year.

Halo 4 to launch November 6

The next entry in the franchise that made Xbox a household name will be launching on November 6.

Windows 8 will value your privacy (kind of)

If you like the idea of online privacy, Windows 8 might just be for you.

Job ad points to Xbox 720 with Skype

It seems like Skype will be a functional part of the next Xbox, but not the current one.

Harry Potter Kinect game on the way

Get ready to wield magical powers when you become the controller in a newly announced Harry Potter game.

Microsoft objects to millions of Google search results

Google's released a list of copyright-related take-down requests - and nearly half of them came from Microsoft, it says.

Office for iPad due this summer

You know how they say if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

Windows 8: 500 million by 2014

Microsoft expects to see explosive growth with Windows 8.

Judge recommends Xbox 360 ban

An International Trade Commission judge has recommended that US imports of Microsoft's Xbox 360 S console should be halted and products pulled from the shelves.

Microsoft sees 350 million Windows 7 devices this year

By the end of 2012, there might be 350 million devices running Windows 7.

Microsoft launches social network for students

Microsoft has opened its rather modest - and somewhat retro - social networking site to the public.

Halo 4 multiplayer, limited edition details revealed

Good news for Halo fans - some juicy new details about the next installment have just been announced.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 tops 1 million units

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 version of indie game hit Minecraft has been sold more than a million times.

Report: IE headed to the Xbox 360 with full Kinect control

The Xbox 360 was originally designed as a video game system, although the console is now one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the United States.

Bing revamped with clearer social content

Microsoft's rolling out its first big update to Bing since the search engine first launched three years ago.

Microsoft under heavy fire for Windows 8 browser blockade

Microsoft has come under heavy fire from Mozilla for allegedly blocking third-party browsers from operating in Windows 8 (RT-ARM) Classic mode.

CloudOn brings virtual Microsoft Office to Android

There's an easier way to edit your important documents on your Android tablet.

The big question Windows 8 will answer

I’ve been thinking a lot about Windows 8, as it’s a pretty complex product.