Game visionary John Carmack not excited about new consoles

One of the most heralded game designers sees the evolution of game consoles as lackluster.

Microsoft Surface tablets: The first true Intel vs. Nvidia battle

The new Microsoft Surface Tablets are pretty sweet indeed. However, I highly doubt most of the industry understands how the tablet's Optical Display will actually change the market.

Do PC makers feel betrayed over Microsoft's Surface tablet?

When Microsoft pulled the wraps off its Surface tablet earlier this week, I suspected a number of PC manufacturers were going to be both surprised and upset.

Xbox 360 latest firmware pushed to all consoles

The latest version of the Xbox 360 software has gone live.

Microsoft rejects Motorola lawsuit settlement

This doesn't look good for Motorola in any way shape or form.

Microsoft touts Windows Phone 8

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 - first launched in 2010 - has failed to eke out significant market share in a lucrative space currently dominated by Apple's iPhone and various Android handsets.

Microsoft teases Xbox Live rewards program

You might soon be rewarded for racking up those achievements in your Xbox 360 games.

Analyst: Microsoft faces uphill tablet battle

Redmond may have high hopes for its Surface tablet, but analysts at ABI Research believe Microsoft is likely to face an uphill battle as it attempts to challenge Apple's wildly popular iPad. 

Can Microsoft's Surface tablet compete with iOS and Android?

Microsoft's Surface tablet is one sleek looking device. But can it take on Apple's wildly popular iPad and the plethora of Android tablets already on the market?

Microsoft showcases Windows 8 Surface tablets

Microsoft showcased a new lineup of slick Windows 8 powered "Surface" tablets at an event today in Hollywood, California.

Microsoft tablet may be with Barnes & Noble

The rumored Microsoft-branded tablet expected to be revealed today has a surprising partner.

Rumor: Xbox 720 will have built-in Kinect

Some new details are emerging about Microsoft's next video game console.

Rumor: Microsoft prepping Windows 8 tablet for Monday launch

Microsoft and Apple have one of the longest-running and fiercest rivalries in the modern technology industry.

Kinect's NUads aim to revolutionize ad experience

Say goodbye to the passive commercials of yesterday.

Microsoft eyes social network purchase

Microsoft's reported to be on the point of buying business social site Yammer for more than $1 billion.

Xbox iPhone app becomes mobile remote control

Microsoft is making good on its promise to turn smartphones into a second screen for the Xbox 360.

Windows 8: A better tablet than Apple or Android?

I’m at TechEd this week, a show that seems to be pointedly warring with Apple's wildly popular WWDC. Obviously, here is a lot trash talk going on between the two events. 

Preliminary Xbox Live update rolls out

With E3 just closing a few days ago, Microsoft is already pushing a new console update.

Windows Phone 8 will strengthen Nokia bond

The latest details about Microsoft's newest mobile OS seem less about Microsoft and more about Nokia.

Microsoft apologises for penis song

Microsoft has been forced to apologize for a software programmers' convention in Norway that featured scantily-clad dancing girls and obscene songs.