Surface will debut day-and-date with Windows 8

Microsoft wants to drive home the point that the future of its software business exists across multiple devices.

Microsoft admits Surface tablet debacle

PC vendors - including Hewlett Packard (HP) - are up in arms over Redmond's recent decision to enter the lucrative tablet market with its indigenously designed Surface devices.

Xbox Live update partially detailed

Among the enhancements to the next Xbox 360 firmware update will be the addition of an Internet Explorer browser.

Windows Phone 8 reportedly being unveiled Sep 5

The next generation of Windows Phone looks to be almost ready for prime time.

Valve's Gabe Newell: Windows 8 is a "catastrophe"

Valve chief Gabe Newell has some tough words for Microsoft's new operating system.

Microsoft posts another Xbox 720 job ad

There is yet another blurb coming through official Microsoft channels about the next version of the Xbox.

Box turns to Windows Phone

Second-fiddle cloud platform Box has launched a new app for Windows Phone.

Next-gen consoles to look beyond gaming

Next-gen consoles are expected to continue the current trend of emphasizing content well beyond gaming.

Microsoft posts first-ever loss

Microsoft's reported its first ever quarterly loss since floating on the stock market in 1986.

Windows 8 will launch on October 26

Microsoft has announced the official release date of its new Windows operating system.

EU to investigate Microsoft over browser choice (again)

Remember when the European Commission found Microsoft guilty of anti-trust practices and ordered it to offer users a choice of browser?

Xbox Live iOS app turns Apple iPad into remote control

Microsoft updated its Xbox Live iOS app today, adding a number of sweet new features for iPad owners.

Microsoft Office floats into the cloud

Microsoft's unveiled the customer preview of the new Microsoft Office, which it's redesigned to make the most of touch screens, social networking and the cloud.

Microsoft's foray into flatland

Microsoft recently confirmed it would be manufacturing an indigenously designed lineup of Windows 8 Surface tablets that should be hitting shelves sometime this fall. 

Microsoft revamps Office for Windows 8

A customer preview of Microsoft's new Office suite has gone live just a few months before Redmond officially launches its flagship Windows 8 operating system. 

Halo 4-branded Xbox 360 debuts at Comic-Con

What better venue to debut a video game console geared toward the most hardcore nerds?

NBC takes control of

Microsoft is no longer a part of NBC's online news presence.

Halo 4 Web series gets official trailer

Here's the first look at Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Steve Ballmer's Winston Churchill moment

During World War II, the United Kingdom was led by two Prime Ministers. One was perceived as famous, while the other was ultimately remembered as infamous.

Microsoft claims Surface tablet is "just a design point"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is attempting to reassure jittery vendors that Redmond's recently unveiled Windows 8 Surface tablet is simply a "design point" - rather than a competing device.