$15 Windows 8 upgrade - order yours now

Microsoft has begun taking orders for the new version of Windows.

Video: The diaries of Fable - The Journey

Fable: The Journey - developed by Lionhead and published by Redmond - is the first game in the popular franchise to support Microsoft's Kinect on the Xbox 360.

Yes, ARM-powered Windows RT tablets will be cheaper

Lenovo recently confirmed what the mobile industry has long suspected: ARM-powered tablets running Windows RT will be $200-$300 cheaper than their x86 Windows 8 counterparts.

Windows Phone apps go live again

Microsoft has turned the proverbial faucet back on for its mobile app storefront.

Nokia to hold Windows Phone 8 event

Nokia is planning a media event in early September, with the only rational assumption being that it will announce the world's first Windows 8 phone.

New Windows Phone apps go dark, Microsoft scrambles

Microsoft has stopped publishing new apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace due to crippling issues with the platform's digital certificate system.

Apple reveals secret licensing deal with Microsoft

Apple quietly licensed certain design patents to Microsoft, it's been revealed as part of its patent case against Samsung.

Xbox 720 due before 2014, will have Skype

We're getting yet another case of Xbox 720 rumor fever.

Crytek wants an Xbox 720 STAT

Crytek founder and CEO Cevat Yerli says the next generation of consoles from industry heavyweights such as Microsoft (Xbox 720) and Sony (PS4) is long overdue.

The strategy of MacOS/iOS vs. Windows 8

Apple and Microsoft are fielding two very different interfaces at the moment, with Cupertino using platform differences to accelerate change.

Acer warns Microsoft over Surface tablets

Redmond seems quite intent on ignoring vendor concerns over its upcoming Surface tablet.

Will Microsoft’s Xbox 720 run Windows 8?

Specs and details pertaining to Redmond's upcoming Xbox 720 console remain understandably scarce. 

Nokia hints at Windows Phone 8 reveal next month

In line with previous reports, Nokia is tipping off that Windows Phone 8 will be officially unveiled early next month.

"Metro" name dropped from Windows 8

A lot of people have expressed distaste for Windows 8's Metro design, so Microsoft has gotten rid of Metro...well, just the name.

Concerns linger over Surface as Windows 8 goes RTM

The final Windows 8 preview build went live in June, signaling the latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship operating system was almost ready for the masses.

Windows 7 poised to finally dethrone XP

For the first time in what seems like the modern PC era, there will be a new operating system king later this month.

Microsoft targets Gmail with Outlook.com

Forget about Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail - Redmond wants to be a real email contender with Outlook.com.

Microsoft touts Windows 8 hardware

The latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship operating system lands this October for x86 PCs and ARM-powered tablets.

Blizzard isn't happy about Windows 8

Blizzard - of WoW, Starcraft and Diablo III fame - has weighed in on Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

Samsung previews Windows Phone 8 devices

Samsung likes to play all sides of the field, and it is already pledging support for the next iteration of Windows Phone.