Analyst: Xbox 720 may be delayed by "overwhelming" demand

A prominent industry analyst has confirmed that Microsoft may delay the launch of its next-gen Xbox 720 console to accommodate "overwhelming" demand.

Report: Xbox 720 launch may be delayed by chip shortages

Recent reports indicate that the launch of Microsoft's next-gen Xbox 720 may be delayed due to chip shortages.

Nokia Lumia 920 specs get detailed

Microsoft and Nokia are slated to debut the latest Lumia 920 handset on September 5. 

Windows 8 Xbox launch games revealed

For the first time, a new Microsoft operating system will launch with a slew of new video games.

Atari and Microsoft bring classic arcade games to browsers

As a child of the 80s, I spent every moment I could in the arcade. One of my favorite games? Lunar Lander.

Zune will be amputated on August 31

Several Zune features will be killed at the end of the month as Microsoft begins to usher in Xbox Music as the predominant media streaming service.

Sony eyes console wars film

Console wars? What on earth? Is that a Star Wars parody like Hardware Wars? Joysticks and controllers shooting each other out in space? 

Microsoft eyes corporate smartphone market

Researchers estimate that over 2.4 billion employees will be using smartphones by the year 2017.

Nokia further teases Windows Phone 8 event

Nokia has posted what it hopes will become a viral video, ahead of the launch of Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft experiments with free-to-play on Xbox Live

The video game industry is currently experimenting with a number of free-to-play models, and Microsoft is no exception.

Windows 8 pricing still sketchy

For the first time, we are still relatively in the dark when it comes to the new Windows platform's pricing model.

Microsoft launches Halo 4 Web series teaser

Get a look at what to expect from Microsoft's Halo 4 hype-building live-action series.

Verizon to offer Windows 8 Phones this year

Verizon is fully in support of Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

Netflix updates Xbox 360 app

Netflix has rolled out a new version of its Xbox 360 app to make it even easier to find your favorite movies and TV shows.

Microsoft slashes Kinect price, Xbox 360 cut may be pending

If you're an Xbox 360 owner in North America who has been thinking about purchasing a Kinect, now may very well be the best time to do so.

25 years later, a new Microsoft logo

For a significant amount of its customer base, Microsoft is unveiling a new logo for the first time in their lifetime.

State of Decay zombie FPS stalks the Xbox 360

Zombie movies and TV shows have been around for quite some time, but the undead craze has only lately hit the gaming space.

Xbox 360 to get "Election 2012 Hub"

If you're the kind of person who wants all your election news in one easy spot, Microsoft has something for you.

New beta testers wanted for Xbox Dashboard

Microsoft is planning another sweeping overhaul of the Xbox 360 menu interface, and it needs your help to test it.

Analyst: Microsoft's magic bullet is Windows RT

Mobile computing - currently dominated by tablets such as Apple's wildly popular iPad - is essentially a two-horse race of devices powered by Apple's iOS and Google's Android.