Microsoft backpedals on mobile Office

Microsoft is rejecting statements made by one of its own employees.

Windows 8 - damn impressive on an AMD homebuilt PC

This past weekend I built myself a new Windows 8 desktop computer and loaded up Microsoft's Office 13 preview.

Microsoft: MS Points will remain on Xbox

Don't get your hopes up; Microsoft Points are not going away on Xbox Live.

The HTML5 in-game physics of Contre Jour

Mobile gamers have been enjoying a physics-based puzzle game dubbed Contre Jour since the title launched in 2011. Now PC users can get in on the fun by playing the game online.

Microsoft might be ditching Microsoft Points

If you still can’t figure how much that Zune download or Call of Duty map pack costs in actual US currency, there might be some hope for you.

Tech giants team up for developer resource site

A group of industry heavyweights including the four biggest browser makers, along with Apple, Google and Microsoft, are promising to centralize developer resources.

Precise hand tracking without a glove

Researchers at Newcastle University and Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSR) have developed a wrist controller which allows the user to remotely control any device without any extra hardware.

Windows 8 shows up early on HSN

Of all the places you might expect the latest technological advancement to show up first...the Home Shopping Network isn't usually the first that comes to mind.

Analyst says new consoles needed STAT

The industry can no longer afford to wait for the next generation of consoles.

Xbox Live users: Romney won debate

It seems that Xbox Live users were on the same page as all the political pundits on Wednesday night.

Windows Phone 8 will officially launch 10/29

The next iteration of Microsoft's mobile operating system has been granted an official release date.

Video: Akimbo Kinect mod gets precise

I've often wondered if the folks at Microsoft ever seriously considered all the potential uses and mods its Kinect platform for the Xbox 360 would be subjected to.

Report: Xbox Music to launch on October 26

Sources claim Xbox Music service will launch alongside Microsoft's Windows 8 on October 26.

Microsoft Surface-branded smartphone rumors surface

It's believed that Microsoft will launch its own branded smartphone in the early part of 2013.

The visions of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

It wasn’t that long ago a Halo movie was in the works at Universal, with Peter Jackson producing, newcomer Neil Blomkamp directing, and Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Dredd) writing the screenplay.

More trouble for Intel's Clover Trail tablets

The launch of Intel's Clover Trail Windows 8 tablets has reportedly been postponed due to Santa Clara's failure to deliver a critical software patch designed to conserve precious mobile battery life. 

HTC's 8X Windows Phone 8 phone goes to AT&T

HTC's latest and greatest attempt at gaining the attention of the Windows Phone market will be available on AT&T.

Microsoft increases security due to new Xbox

Microsoft is taking efforts to increase its security.

New Xbox Live Rewards program offers discounts

Microsoft will begin offering discounts for players who prove their loyalty to the Xbox community.

Half of Windows 8 users still prefer 7

Even the most ardent, up-to-date Windows aficionados are having a tough time with the newest version of Windows.