Halo 4 breaks the bank

We’re not at the point yet where video games are as expensive as movies, but it sure isn't cheap to properly code a graphics intensive video game.

Is Microsoft's Surface tablet "compromised?"

Apple chief Tim Cook may not have personally given Microsoft's Surface tablet a test run, but the CEO had absolutely no problem with highlighting reviews that describe the device as "compromised" and "confusing."

Apple slips as Android claims 41% of global tablet market

Google's Android operating system captured a record 41% share of the global tablet market in the third quarter of 2012 - as Apple's popular iOS slipped to 57%.

Microsoft Surface goes on sale at midnight

Microsoft's ambitious attempt at competing in the tablet war will be official as soon as the calendar ticks to October 26.

Video: Halo 4 - the rise of the Forerunners

Microsoft and 343 Industries have been hyping Halo 4 for months now, even though the long-awaited game hardly needs any serious promotion.

Nokia reveals Lumia 510, a basic smartphone

The latest entry in Nokia's brand-redifining Lumia brand has been introduced.

Xbox SmartGlass to launch 10/26

Microsoft's ambitious "second-screen" update for the Xbox 360 will go live this Friday.

Skype for Windows 8 to debut 10/26

A Windows 8 version of Skype, and the first major overhaul for the platform since Microsoft's acquisition, will go live on October 26.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 3 goes live

Episode 3 is now online!

Fincher's Halo 4 trailer depicts Master Chief's past

A new live-action Hal0 4 trailer - directed by none other than Hollywood veteran David Fincher - is now live on YouTube.

Microsoft retires Facebook, Twitter Xbox apps

Although the new Xbox 360 Dashboard adds a lot of features, it gets rid of two of the most popular apps.

The really cheap Android tablets are coming

Tablets are about to take over the world - but you probably already knew that.

A closer look at Microsoft's Surface RT tablet

We've been aware of the hardware specs for Microsoft's indigenously designed Surface RT tablet for a few months now, and as of yesterday, we also know how much the device costs.

Microsoft updates Xbox 360 interface

A new version of the Xbox 360 firmware is on the way.

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet isn't $199

Windows 8 enthusiasts have been hoping for months that Microsoft would be offering its Surface RT tablet at a low price point, which would allow the device to more effectively compete against the plethora of Android tablets on the market.

Report: Early Halo 4 players banned from Xbox Live

Microsoft isn't taking kindly to gamers who managed to snag illicit copies of Halo 4 well ahead of the title's official launch on November 6.

Xbox Music to start rolling out tomorrow

Microsoft has released details of its Xbox Music service, offering access to around 30 million songs worldwide.

MS plans $1.5 billion in Windows 8 marketing

Microsoft has a humongous budget to promote Windows 8.

Microsoft announces official Windows 8 Pro upgrade pricing

Microsoft has announced that, as of today, reservations are open for retail packaged DVD upgrades to Windows 8 Pro, costing $69.99 from select retailers in the United States.

Ceton Windows media "Expander" priced at $179

Ceton's Media Center Expander will ship next month.