New iPad edges out Microsoft's Surface RT display

Analysts at DisplayMate recently published a tablet display shootout that pitted Microsoft's Surface RT against the retina-enabled Apple iPad, the iPad 2 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.

Halo 4 - on track for $300 million in one week

You don't need to be Nostradamus or a rocket scientist to predict that Halo is going to generate a huge amount of cash its first week. How much, you ask? 

Windows head Steven Sinofsky makes sudden departure

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft's Windows division and widely tipped as a future CEO, has left the company just three weeks after the launch of his division's flagship product, Windows 8.

Steve Ballmer says Surface Tablets off to a "modest" start

Earlier this year, many of us were hoping that Microsoft would launch its Surface Tablet, specifically the version running Windows RT, at a low price to compete with other devices on the hyperactive market.

Microsoft shows off real-time translation

Microsoft has demonstrated software that can translate spoken Mandarin into English in real-time, and which even preserves the speaker's own voice.

Report: Microsoft prepping Office Mobile for iOS, Android

Microsoft is apparently prepping a mobile version of its popular Office suite for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. 

Video: Kinect Fusion tool headed to Windows SDK

Microsoft has developed an internal tool for its popular Kinect platform dubbed "Fusion."

Microsoft kills off Live Messenger in favor of Skype

Microsoft has announced that it plans to 'retire' its instant messenger client Messenger Live, and shift all its users to Skype.

Microsoft's Surface tablet is a money maker

Atlhough the ultimate success of Microsoft's indigenously designed Surface remains uncertain, we do know that Redmond is making a rather tidy profit off each tablet sold. 

Report: Microsoft prepping Xbox Surface gaming tablet

Microsoft is reportedly prepping an indigenously designed 7-inch gaming tablet tentatively named "Xbox Surface."

Halo 4 fights gaming sexism

Gaming technology has made major leaps and bounds, to the point where some titles are almost indistinguishable from real life.

Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone 8 will ramp "quickly"

Although Redmond's Windows mobile platform has experienced difficulty competing with Apple's iOS and Google's Android, Steve Ballmer says he expects Windows Phone 8 sales to "ramp up" in the near future.  

Report: Redmond wants a Microsoft-branded smartphone

Microsoft is reportedly testing an indigenously designed Windows 8 smartphone with a number of Asian hardware suppliers.

Microsoft, ARM prep 64-bit Windows RT

Microsoft and ARM are reportedly prepping a 64-bit version of Redmond's flagship operating system for the latter company's RISC-powered chips.

On the eve of Halo 4

In what’s promising to be a huge season for gaming, the big daddy of the industry, Halo 4, is due on November 6.

Acer pushes back its Windows RT plans

Acer says it does not want to be a guinea pig.

Why Microsoft's Surface Tablet is my new favorite device

I’ve been playing around with Microsoft's Surface tablet for several days now and suddenly realized that I’m using it very differently than any other tablet or laptop I’ve ever owned. 

LG rolls out 23" touch-screen monitor for Windows 8

The hype surrounding Microsoft Windows 8 has been centered primarily around tablets and laptop hybrids.

Survey shows little consumer interest in Windows 8

Survey claims consumer demand for Microsoft's flagship Windows 8 operating system is less-than-stellar.

Microsoft touts Windows Phone 8

Microsoft - in a major effort to improve its flagging mobile market share - today unveiled the latest iteration of its Windows Phone software.