Why I love Windows 8.1

I’m a Windows 8 user, even though I whined like a little baby when first struggling with the new UI like most. Of course I’m long over that - restoring to whining only when I’m given a Windows 7 machine to use. And Windows XP? Honestly, it feels like I’ve stepped back into the dark ages.   

Windows 8 stays in the doldrums

It is no secret that Windows 8 is off to a slow start and the latest market share data from Net Applications should raise a few eyebrows in Redmond.

Video: The Surface Pro knockoffs are here

Microsoft's Surface Pro is a high-end Windows 8 tablet selling at a cool $999 price point, scaling up accordingly based on specs and accessories.

In defense of Microsoft Windows 8

A lot of folks appear to be pounding on Microsoft Windows 8 this month. Then again, I suppose this is somewhat par for the course when such a far-reaching new platform appears on the uber-opinionated tech scene. 

Windows 8 - damn impressive on an AMD homebuilt PC

This past weekend I built myself a new Windows 8 desktop computer and loaded up Microsoft's Office 13 preview.

Lenovo preps ThinkPad Tablet 2 for Windows 8 launch

Lenovo has debuted its first tablet designed specifically for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system. 

The strategy of MacOS/iOS vs. Windows 8

Apple and Microsoft are fielding two very different interfaces at the moment, with Cupertino using platform differences to accelerate change.

Windows 8: A better tablet than Apple or Android?

I’m at TechEd this week, a show that seems to be pointedly warring with Apple's wildly popular WWDC. Obviously, here is a lot trash talk going on between the two events. 

Are Windows 8 tablets really doomed?

Forrester recently surveyed several thousand consumers and found that interest in Windows tablets has dropped precipitously. This apparently prompted analysts to conclude that Redmond is too little too late for the hyper-competitive tablet market.

PC heavyweights throw in the tablet towel

Traditional PC manufacturers are reportedly preparing to phase themselves out of the tablet market due to lackluster sales.

Mobile Wars: Windows 8 could target iOS

An early build of Windows 8 seems to indicate the operating system is being tooled by Microsoft to compete against Apple's iOS.