OmniTouch turns any surface into a touchscreen

Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University have created a wearable projection system that turns pads of paper, walls or even a user's own hands into graphical, interactive surfaces.

How to control your computer with... feet?

The SoftStep Foot Controller claims to be a world’s first for PCs. Yes, users can open and close applications, browse through folders and files, enter text, or control the mouse - using only their feet.

Men lie about sex; companies lie about cybercrime

Cybercrime estimates are wildly misleading for the same reasons as surveys of mens' number of sexual partners, a Microsoft Research paper says.

Security researchers go shopping for free

Security researchers at Microsoft Research and Indiana University say they've been able to get products for free or well below the correct price from several major online stores.

Microsoft device uses the skin as a touchscreen

Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University are working on a gadget that turns the user's arm into a touchscreen display.