Video: Microsoft adds Kinect gesture support for Windows 8

Microsoft's versatile Kinect device has proven to be quite popular, and not just for gaming on the Xbox 360.

PC gaming hardware market rebounds

The recession appears to be slowly winding down, with enthusiasts and performance class PC gamers shelling out the big bucks (over $1,000) for rigs and accessories.

Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK goes live

Microsoft continues to forge critical ties with the modder community as the corporation officially launches its Kinect for Windows SDK.

HTC unchains smartphone bootloaders

The modding community is chalking up yet another (well-deserved) victory, as HTC CEO Peter Chou says future devices manufactured by his company will boast unlocked bootloaders.

Microsoft wants more core games for the Kinect

A Microsoft spokesperson recently confirmed that Redmond is planning to release "more and more" core Kinect games in the near future.