A step closer to a photonic future

The future of computing may lie not in electrons, but in photons – that is, in microprocessors that use light instead of electrical signals. But these so-called photonic devices are typically built using customized methods that make them difficult and expensive to manufacture.

Bankrupt Lehman Brothers sues Intel

The bankrupt Lehman Brothers is suing Intel, claiming that the chip company violated the terms of a collateral swap agreement.

Microsoft slashes prices on its hardware

Software giant Microsoft has realized that Intel’s dream of Ultrabooks is not proving that successful.

Too many Intel Haswells will spoil the broth

Intel is unlikely to release its Core i "Haswell" Platform in any serious numbers because of the "annoying" USB 3.0 flaw. JoAnne Feeney, an analyst with Longbow Research, said that although Intel is on track to introduce its next-generation Core i-series "Haswell" microprocessors in June, it is unlikely we will see many of them.

Creating microprocessors from graphite

Graphite could help engineers in their perpetual quest to design smaller and more power efficient electronic devices.

Intel regains semiconductor market leadership

Intel is reportedly on the verge of reversing a trend which saw Santa Clara's dominant position in the global semiconductor market whittled away by aggressive competition from Samsung.