Rambus and Micron settle after 12 years of litigation

Chipmaker Micron and the former chip designer turned patent troll Rambus have finally ended a 12 year court battle.

RAM shortage looms

It is starting to look like the IT industry will face a serious RAM chip shortage.

NAND sales slow down

The PC market remains weak and the overheated smartphone and tablet market seems to be slowing down as well, but NAND makers are reporting their best quarter in history.

Micron sees red blood on the spreadsheet

Micron Technology landed itself in the red for the second quarter, posting a net loss.

3D chip market shows steady growth

The global 3D integrated circuit market is forecast to grow by 19.7 percent between 2012 and 2016, with the major growth driver being strong demand for memory products, particularly flash memory and DRAM.

Micron CEO killed in plane crash

Micron has announced the appointment of a new CEO, after the sudden death of Steve Appleton in a plane crash on Friday.

Intel & Micron roll out 128Gb NAND 

Intel and Micron have debuted a 128 gigabit (Gb), multilevel-cell (MLC) chip.

Intel and Micron sample 20nm NAND flash memory

Intel and Micron have introduced a 20-nanometer (nm) process technology for manufacturing NAND flash memory.

Micron debuts self-correcting NAND flash memory

Micron has introduced a new class of NAND flash memory that boasts advanced, on-board error management techniques.

Intel and Micron sample 3bpc 25nm NAND flash memory

Intel and Micron have successfully sampled the first batch of 3-bit-per-cell (3bpc) NAND flash memory produced with 25-nanometer (nm) process technology.

Micron SSD launches with 6Gbps SATA interface

Micron has launched a new lineup of SSDs that offers optimized steady-state IOPS at a rate of up to 44,000 reads and 16,000 writes.

Micron touts 2-Gigabit DDR2 memory for ARM-based smartphones

Micron is currently sampling a monolithic 2-gigabit(Gb) low-power DDR2 (LPDDR2) memory device designed to facilitate improved battery life and optimized system performance for ARM-based smartphones.