Report: CyberBuddy is better than no buddy

A Michigan State University researcher is looking to give exercise enthusiasts the extra nudge they need during a workout, and her latest research shows that a cyber buddy can help. The study, which appears in the Games for Health Journal, is the first to indicate that although a human partner is still a better motivator during exercise, a software-generated partner also can be effective.

Robotic fish glides almost indefinitely

Michigan State University scientists say their latest robot fish can glide almost forever, using little to no energy, while gathering data on water quality.

Tigers change behavior to live near people

Tigers don't necessarily need huge dedicated reserves, say scientists, but can accommodate themselves to patterns of human activity by becoming more nocturnal.

New biofuel process offers vast efficiency boost

A new biofuel production process is claimed to produce more than 20 times as much energy than existing methods.

'Laser pointer' detects IEDs

Scientists say they've developed a laser that can detect roadside bombs - the biggest killers of colaition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.