Superlens could put high-powered microscope in your pocket

Cellphones could soon contain an ultra-high-resolution microscope alongside the ubiquitous camera, thanks to a breakthrough by Michigan Technological University professor Durdu Guney.

US universities sued over book digitization project

With a judge about to hold a status conference on the legal challenge to Google's library scanning project, the Authors' Guild is suing five US universities over the way in which they've taken part.

First complete millimeter-scale computing system created

An implantable eye pressure monitor for glaucoma patients is believed to contain the first complete millimeter-scale computing system.

Man could serve time for reading wife's e-mail

Leon Walker secretly logged into his wife's e-mail account to find out she had been in contact with her second husband behind his back, but when he confronted her about it, instead of apologizing, she opened up a lawsuit against him.