Beetlejuice 2 Rumors Starting Again

With the new RoboCop hitting theaters, Michael Keaton’s been doing a lot of press lately because he has a featured role in the film. It’s good to see him back, because we’re big fans of him over at TGD, and we definitely missed him on the big screen. 

Michael Keaton 's Batman suit versus new Robocop suit: no contest

These days we see so many superhero suits that are done in hard black rubber, and the first time this was ever done was in the 1989 Batman. Before this, of course, superhero clothes were more leotard-y, where Tim Burton’s Batman brought the superhero costume into the modern age.

Tim Burton and Michael Keaton May Return For Beetlejuice 2

Back in the eighties, Tim Burton had three big hit movies that rocketed him onto the Hollywood A-list: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, and of course, Batman. There’s been talk of a sequel to Beetlejuice for decades, and the rumors have been swirling again this summer, so could another Beetlejuice actually get made one of these days?

New RoboCop BETTER Than the Original?

We’d like to preface this story by saying we don’t personally believe it, and it could have been floated out there by the studio in the hopes of turning fanboy hate around. That said, let’s continue…

A closer look at CoD: Black Ops II

Halo 4 went live on November 6 and racked up a cool $220 million the first day.

The importance of genre casting

I once asked a producer how important casting is for a movie, genre or otherwise, and he told me "It's all you have." 

Will Beetlejuice ever return?

Although it wasn't a perfect comedy, Beetlejuice was a lot of fun when it hit theaters, and really cemented Tim Burton's directing career, taking him over to blockbuster territory with the 1989 Batman.