Hackers swipe unreleased Jackson tracks from Sony

Two British men have appeared in court charged with hacking into Sony Music to steal the entire Michael Jackson back catalog.

Why MTV used to rock

Although I haven’t watched it in many years, I look back on the early days of MTV fondly, and was surprised to see it hitting its 30th anniversary this month.  

On Thriller and VHS

No, I'm not one of these people who believes Michael Jackson became Mother Teresa when he died, but there was one part of the Thriller success story I found interesting.

Michael Jackson gets his own massively multiplayer online game

There's World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Ragnarok, and...Michael Jackson?

Ubisoft confirms title, release for "Michael Jackson: The Experience"

The very first posthumous Michael Jackson video game has been given some final details, including its official title and the month of its release.