Transformers 4 will not be a reboot

Veteran genre director Michael Bay always swore Transformers 3 would be his last film in the popular franchise. Nevertheless, Bay has indeed returned for Transformers 4.

Michael Bay takes on the haters

We recently discussed how certain geek haters declared war against two classic genre remakes: RoboCop and the Ninja Turtles. 

Michael Bay says Transformers 4 won't be a reboot

Love it or hate it, Transformers is essentially Michael Bay's franchise, and he's made it distinctly his own. 

Ninja Turtles reboot on hold

Just the other day we ran a report about the failure of Battleship.

Michael Bay talks Transformers 4

Although he swore up and down he'd never go back to it, and swears up and down this will be his last Transformers film, Michael Bay has indeed returned for Transformers 4.

TNT’s new genre shows

The network that claims to know drama has announced two new genre serials.

Michael Bay takes on Treasure Island

Starz has confirmed that it will be bringing Black Sails to the premium television network.

Don't mess with Sam Jackson

So we all know The Avengers is the greatest movie ever made, it's cured cancer, brought world peace and made three bazillion dollars at the box office.

Michael Bay the buccaneer

Michael Bay’s a busy guy these days. Right now, he’s shooting Pain and Gain, the dream project he’s always wanted to do, which is a smaller, black comedy about gym rats pulling a kidnapping. 

Will Michael Bay ruin Halloween 3D?

As everyone knows, Michael Bay's been quite busy lately. 

He's about to start his passion project, a smaller dark comedy called Pain and Gain, and after much deliberation he'll be helming Transformers 4. 

Michael Bay forced to defend Ninja Turtles

Yes, the Ninja Turtles are heading back to a theater near you on Christmas Day, 2013, and Michael Bay's involvement is already (shock!) rubbing fans the wrong way.

Michael Bay under fire for Ninja Turtles reboot

Maybe it's indeed too extreme to compare some Hollywood chuckleheads running our childhood favorites to sexual assault, but we geeks feel very protective of our favorite movies, TV shows and comics.

Who else will be coming back for Transformers 4?

So the big news recently broke that Michael Bay is back for more Transformers fun, and the fourth movie in the series will be hitting theaters in 2014. 

Michael Bay is Transformers 4

Michael Bay - who previously insisted he would have nothing more to do with the wildly popular Transformers franchise - has penned an official letter confirming his participation in the upcoming fourth installment of the property.

Transformers 4: Michael Bay is back

After Transformers 3, Michael Bay claimed he was done with the series, yet many felt there wasn't anyone else who could do the franchise justice. 

Michael Bay's Pain and Gain

Michael Bay is doing a complete 180 with his next film, Pain and Gain, which is a relatively pared down movie, at least compared to his usual action fare.

Massive Transformers collector pack announced

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of a limited edition collector’s box-set for Michael Bay's Transformers trilogy.

Michael Bay goes boom!

How much stuff can a director blow up during his career? If you’re Michael Bay, clearly a lot: close to a thousand explosions, actually.

Michael Bay is undecided about Transformers

It's just like the line in Godfather III: as soon as he thought he was out, they're pulling him back in.

Bay may direct Transformers 4 after all

Hasbro, which owns hundreds of toy and game licenses, is currently in talks to produce several more films based on various franchises, including Transformers 4 and 5.