Bill Gates is the richest man again

After years of being in the shadow of a Mexican millionaire, Bill Gates is back to being the world's richest man again.

Apple loses trademark battle with Mexico's iFone

Apple has reportedly failed in an attempt to prevent a Mexican company  from trading under its own name - despite the fact that iFone filed for a trademark four years before the iPhone was trademarked.

Engineers enslaved by Mexican drugs cartels

Dozens of engineers who have gone missing in Mexico over the last few years have, it's claimed, been pressed into service by drugs cartels to build communications networks.

Tomb of Mayan prince uncovered in Mexico

Researchers have discovered what is believed to be the 1,300-year-old remains of a Mayan prince.

Israel mulls response to mass credit card hack

An Israeli official says the state considers a recent mass credit card hack to be a serious "breach of sovereignty" comparable to a terrorist attack. 

Report: Cyber plot targeted nuclear power plants

Law enforcement officials are investigating reports that Iranian and Venezuelan diplomats in Mexico were involved in planning cyber-attacks against the United States.

Anonymous warns Mexico over OpRoadSafe

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have published a list of demands aimed at the Mexican government and local bus companies. 

Pair accused under Mexican terrorism laws for false tweets

A teacher and a radio presenter in Mexico are facing up to 30 years in jail for spreading false rumors on Twitter that gunmen were kidnapping children from local schools.

Could robots be the farmers of the future?

A student has designed a new way to tend to farm land - one that doesn't involve cheap, immigrant labor.

Video: Drug cartels build narco-tanks

Rival drug cartels in Mexico are designing and building their own heavily armored vehicles.

Climate change could cause mass Mexican immigration

Rednecks may have to choose between their love of SUVs and their hatred of Mexicans, if predictions from Princeton University linking climate change and immigration turn out to be true.

Dolphin becomes first Mexican to get an iPad

It seems grossly unfair, when there are so many worthy humans yet to get an iPad (sniffs sadly), but the latest recipient is - wait for it - a dolphin.

Millions of Mexican phones about to turn into bricks

Thirty million Mexicans could find their cellphones dead this weekend, thanks to a new law that forces phone owners to register their identities.