Curiosity confirms origins of Martian meteorite

Earth’s most eminent emissary to Mars has just proven that those rare Martian visitors that sometimes drop in on Earth — a.k.a. Martian meteorites — really are from the Red Planet. A key new measurement of Mars’ atmosphere by NASA’s Curiosity rover provides the most definitive evidence yet of the origins of Mars meteorites while at the same time providing a way to rule out Martian origins of other meteorites.

Source of Russian meteorite found

Astronomers say they've tracked down the source of the meteorite that burned up over Russia earlier this month, injuring more than 1,000 people.

Scientists beat treasure-hunters to meteorite fragments

Russian scientists say they've managed to recover pieces of the meteorite that exploded over the Ural Mountains on Friday, but that much of it fell to Earth in Lake Chebarkul.

Desert meteorite shows signs of wetter Mars

A meteorite found in the Moroccan desert in 2011 appears to have originated in Mars' crust - and contains much more water than any Martian meteorite ever found before.

Meteorite hit atmosphere at 64,000 mph

A meteorite that exploded as a fireball over California's Sierra foothills last April was one of the fastest and rarest known to have hit Earth.

Martian meteorite delivers evidence of water

A meteorite that landed in the Moroccan desert 14 months ago has been traced back to Mars.

Statue looted by Nazis has extraterrestrial origins

You could be forgiven for thinking this is the plot of a new Indiana Jones movie - but it's not, we promise.

Meteorite may explain life's 'left-handedness'

The predominance of 'lefthandedness' amongst amino acids in meteorites isn't, after all, an indication of biological activity, say scientists.

Organic carbon originated on Mars

New, NASA-funded research indicates that very large molecules containing carbon - a key ingredient for the building blocks of life - have originated on Mars.

Model shows effects of giant meteorite strike

Ever wondered exactly what would happen if a massive meteorite hit the Earth? Princeton University scientists can show you.

Meteorite sheds light on start of life on Earth

New tests on what's considered the best-preserved meteorite in the world have shed light on the way asteroids may have served up a varying menu of the building blocks of life.

NASA scientist finds fossils of alien life forms

A NASA scientist says he's discovered alien life, in the form of microscopic fossils, embedded in meteorites.