Metallica races the collapse of the euro

Metallica recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as a band, and they have certainly come a long way since the hard-core days of the 80's.

Motherlode of lost Thin Lizzy Songs uncovered

Thin Lizzy is a criminally under-rated band that helped influence countless groups, including Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Metallica comes full circle

Metallica recently wrapped up a week's worth of shows to celebrate its 30th anniversary. 

As expected, the week was full of great special guests, reunions with long lost members from the early days, and a climatic jam that brought Metallica together with the pioneers of metal, Black Sabbath themselves.

The ballad of Twisted Sister

In the early days of being a card carrying metalhead, I was a big fan of Twisted Sister, and I’m not ashamed to admit I still dig the band today. 

Metallica hits 30

When Metallica was headlining its recent Big Four show in New York’s Yankee Stadium, word got out that the band would be celebrating its 30th anniversary in San Francisco.

Some thoughts on the end of Napster

The bane of the music business is no more, never mind that the damage it caused is irreparable.

Metallica's One & Johnny's Got His Gun

Like many Metallica fans, I once waited with bated breath to see the world premiere of the band's first video, One, on MTV.

The importance of thrash metal

2011 has been a huge year of anniversaries in the headbanging metal world, especially thrash metal.

Has Metallica gone cuckoo with Lulu?

The artists I admire most are the fearless ones, and I especially admire musicians who aren't afraid to take risks or fail.

How metal helped save vinyl

Years ago, I started seeing a lot of record stores that catered to rappers and DJ's by selling albums and turn tables.

How Metallica almost scored Kill Bill

You may have noticed that Metallica's back again with a very bizarre new project, collaborating with Lou Reed on an album called Lulu. 

Duke Nukem frags Android in 3D

Ah, yes. Duke Nukem 3D. Now that takes me back some years. Well, to 1996, to be exact, when I first played the game on my Pentium Pro PC. You see? 1996 wasn't only memorable because Metallica sold out (again) with Load.

Slayer's Reign in Blood and the peak of thrash

1986 was an amazing year for metal, and with the speed metal/thrash scene peaking, three masterpieces of the genre came out that are all currently celebrating their 25th anniversaries. 

Remembering Metallica's Cliff Burton

It's hard to believe twenty-five years have passed since Metallica lost bassist Cliff Burton in a freak bus accident on September 27, 1986.

Beavis and Butthead are ready for prime time

Beavis and Butthead are scheduled to return to MTV on October 27. The rebooted series will undoubtedly feature certain favorite elements from the original show, with some new things thrown in as well. 

The Big Four, metal and baseball

As any self-respecting metalhead knows by now, The Big Four of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax played Yankee Stadium on September 14.

On Metallica, cover songs & Garage Days

There's many of us out there who'd never even heard of Diamond Head before Metallica started covering their tunes. 

There's also plenty of people who didn't know the song "Am I Evil?" was actually a Diamond Head cover.

Remembering Jani Lane and Warrant

When I saw the news that Jani Lane, the lead singer of Warrant, had finally lost his battle against alcoholism at the age of 47, I was shocked for about half a second, then reality quickly set in.

Metallica's Black Album turns 20

It's the old cliché about how something a long time ago feels like it was just yesterday, but I can absolutely remember Metallica's Black album coming out like it was yesterday. 

No, Nirvana didn’t totally kill the hair bands

Now that the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s groundbreaking Nevermind album is upon us, a lot is being said about how the grunge group killed off the dreaded hair bands of the 80s.