Metallica forms its own label

The music business sure isn't what it used to be.

The greatest metal albums of all time

Rolling Stone magazine recently conducted a poll for the greatest heavy metal albums of all time.

The horror of Metallica

Metallica's Kirk Hammett has been a big horror aficionado since he was a kid. 

Metallica filming 3D movie this weekend

Some time ago, Metallica announced plans to shoot a self-funded 3D concert film.

Metallica at almost 50

Who among us who grew up with Metallica ever thought we'd see the day when the members of the band were pushing fifty? 

The absolute power of metal covers

There were certain common denominator bands we all listened to before any of us ever heard the term "The Big Four."

Metallica Rides the Lightning once again

Back in the mid-90s it was hugely popular for bands to play a classic album live in its entirety.

Horror fun with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett

The late fifties was the dawn of what was later termed the "monster kid" generation. 

Metallica goes back to work

James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business, but Metallica's also had one of the strongest work ethics of any band out there, especially when it comes to touring.

Metallica performs the Black Album in its entirety

The Black album was a big dividing point for a lot of Metallica fans, and they’ve endured cries of "sell out!" from day one.

Yes, vinyl is still going strong 

The rather unexpected comeback of vinyl is quite a fascinating phenomenon to cover. 

Metallica talks 3D and freedom

Metallica certainly has some interesting plans for the future, including their own music festival, a 3D movie, and a new album, with Rick Rubin back at the helm.

The Big Four of metal is no more

2011 was quite a year for Metallica and the Big Four of metal, which was obvious considering the big tour every die hard metal fan had been praying for since the dawn of time finally came together.

Metallica played its first gig 30 years ago

It's not a date that most metalheads have memorized, and sometimes you wonder how many bands can recall exactly when they played their first show.

Metallica's 3D project is back on track

As we recently reported here on TG, Metallica is going to be putting together a 3D movie, which drummer Lars Ulrich hinted may not be exclusively a concert film. 

Metallica eyes new album - without a label?

I have to admit, I didn't think they had it in 'em anymore, especially after the mess of St Anger, but with 2007's Death Magnetic, Metallica did come back in fine style.

Are you ready for Metallica in 3D?

I know, I know, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about 3D, but like it or not, the medium is probably going to be around for a while. 

When Metallica ruled Soundscan

Back in the day when an album was gold (500,000 copies), or platinum (1,000,000 copies), it often meant albums shipped to stores, which could have promptly been shipped right back. 

Unplugging: Metallica creates its own music festival

This week welcomed great news of new projects in the works, featuring great music fests on the way, highly anticipated new albums and just all-around awesomeness.

Celebrating the glory days of thrash metal

As a young metalhead, the mid-eighties were a really exciting time for me. Speed/thrash metal was an exciting sound, bringing in the anger and velocity of punk, taking the music into brave new territory.