Metallica Hit Another Sales Milestone

It’s amazing that some albums continue to sell in a day and age where people no longer pay for music, but there are indeed some classics that new generations will probably continue to buy for years to come. Metallica, being a big catalog artist, are certainly one of those bands, and their biggest selling album keeps marching on.

When Metal Broke Through to the Mainstream

If Green Day’s Dookie album turning twenty doesn’t make you feel old, this definitely will…Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry album, featuring the legendary anthem “We’re Not Going to Take It,” is about to turn thirty years old.

Gravity and Through the Never Sweep 3D Awards

While so many of us are probably sick and tired of 3D already, Gravity gave the technology another fifteen minutes of fame, along with being a big step forward for Imax. Metallica tried to break new ground with 3D Imax with their concert film, Through the Never, but it was a big loser at the box office.

Good News, Bad News For Metal at the Grammys

The Grammys is one of those events that are a lot like the Academy Awards. Often times the right people win, and many times it’s obvious the voters don’t know sh*t from shinola. This is what happened back in 1989 when Metallica’s first opportunity to win a Grammy went to Jethro Tull instead, which caused significant booing from the fans in the audience.

Rocksmith and the State of Music Gaming

It wasn’t that long ago that Guitar Hero was the hottest thing since sliced bread. People of all walks of life were playing it to death, and it helped keep the music business alive for a while. Before Guitar Hero died out, the bands that were able to capitalize on it, like Metallica and Aerosmith, made a ton of money in royalties in an age where people stopped paying for music a long time ago.

Gravity Making the Case for Good 3D

So many people are sick and tired of hearing about 3D, but it’s still great to see an original movie like Gravity become a success. It’s definitely one of those stories that puts 3D to good use, enhancing and amplifying instead of using the technology as a gimmick.   

Metallica Channeling Tesla Electricity With Through the Never

When you’re in a band as big as Metallica, you’re not used to being told no. But that’s what they were told when they wanted to use tesla coils onstage, because it was just too dangerous.

Metallica Look Back on Fighting Napster

It’s been fourteen years since Metallica went to war with Napster, and I can still remember the furor very vividly. In fact, Metallica’s fanbase took a big hit from their war with Napster, and after the disaster of their album St Anger, it looked like the band was basically done for.  

Metallica to Work on New Album In New Year

Metallica’s concert film, Through the Never, is nearly upon us. It will receive the biggest IMAX opening release on October 27, and will spread out to more theaters after that. Seeing Metallica in IMAX 3D sounds like a great proposition, but how about another album?  

The Trial and Error of Metallica's Through the Never

Metallica’s concert film, Through the Never, is not your typical rock n roll flick. Like Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same, it has a dramatic narrative that weaves its way in and out of the concert footage. Never was also shot in IMAX 3D, and will have the biggest opening for an IMAX movie in the technology’s history. 

Metallica's 3D Epic Is Nearly Here

Metallica have taken a lot of big risks in their career, and coming September 27, they’re going to take one of the biggest with Through the Never. Never is a feature length concert film that was shot in Imax 3D, and like Led Zeppelin’s Song Remains the Same, it will have a dramatic narrative weaving in and out of the live footage.

Metallica's concert film is going IMAX

While 3D is indeed on the wane in the States, the one hot movie technology continues to be IMAX.

Metallica and Queen films move forward

Fans of Metallica and long time TG readers know this summer the band is going to be taking one of the biggest risks of its career: Sinking $20 million of their hard earned money into Through the Never, a 3D concert film that hits theaters August 9.  

Why Guitar Hero went under

It wasn’t that long ago that Guitar Hero was the hottest thing in gaming, and it also temporarily saved the music business for a little while as well.

More Metallica reflections from Jason Newsted

So you’ve read on TG that Jason Newsted, long time bassist for Metallica, is back from his years in the wilderness with his new band, named (take a guess)…Newsted.

Metallica's Jason Newsted is back

When Cliff Burton was killed in a tragic accident, Metallica recruited Jason Newsted as quickly as they could, and got back on the road.

Diversity in Metal

If you grew up back in the eighties, you probably remember that music wasn’t as diversified as it is today, and there were walls of division up everywhere.

Metallica talks horror and Spotify

We recently confirmed that Metallica is launching its own label, Blackened Recordings, after being with the Warner / Elektra family for nearly thirty years.

Some thoughts on Metallica and Spotify

It’s not easy to be in business with your enemy, but in some cases, like the saying goes, it’s better to go with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.

Metallica clinches Spotify deal

For years, some of the world's most popular rock 'n roll and heavy metal bands shunned digital music, allegedly over piracy concerns.