Microsoft alleged to read Skype messages

A security outfit claims it has evidence that Microsoft is reading user Skype messages.

Facebook flaw reveals NYE messages

Getting hundreds of spam Facebook messages wishing you a happy New Year would  be annoying enough - how much worse if the contents of those messages are public?

Facebook denies revealing private messages

Facebook has denied reports that users' private messages from several years ago have been appearing on their public timeline.

Facebook moves your emails to its Messages folder

Facebook's annoyed users by - all in the name of privacy and convenience - changing users' email addresses to versions.

Facebook Messages could be magnet for hackers

Well, guess what? Facebook's new messaging service might not be all that great for security, Sophos has warned.

Voyager spaceship 'hijacked by aliens'

A German UFO buff is suggesting that NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft may have been hijacked by aliens.

Tweeters twitter on... and on...

It hardly bears thinking about - there are now 50 million tweets a day, according to Twitter. That's 600 per second.