Mercedes Is Testing Google Glass Integration, and It Actually Works

Mercedes North American R&D head Johann Jungwirth snaps a photo of our reporter testing out the automaker’s Google Glass integration.I put the car in park, unplug the phone, and put Google Glass on my face. Within seconds, I’ve got step-by-step directions to a coffee shop down the street ...

Mercedes preps B-class electric drive set for 2014

The push by Mercedes-Benz into having more green car options available in its consumer fleet upped by one this week as the German automaker unveiled at the 2013 New York Auto Show an all-electric car for its B-Class compact luxury line.

Mercedes SUV of tomorrow powered by fuel cells

Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 - Mercedes Benz is showcasing a concept 2025 G-Class SUV.

Mercedes teases SLS AMG E-Cell vehicles

For many years, I worried the green vehicle movement was going to do away with performance cars.

Introducing... the invisible Mercedes?!

Various types of technology can be used to help make vehicles greener and save at the fuel pump. Typically, though, most people tend to think only about electric vehicles or hybrids when it comes to green car technology.

Pedestrian-detector to come to Mercedes cars

Top-of-the-range Mercedes vehicles will soon come equipped with an artificial vision system designed to detect pedestrians.

Mercedes rolls out F 125 concept car

Luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz is celebrating 125 years in business and debuting a brand new futuristic hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 to mark the auspicious occasion.

TRON inspired concept Mercedes Benz FTW

There's nothing sicker than a sleek black Mercedes. OK, maybe the only thing would be a slick black TRON inspired Mercedes. At least, that's the idea behind Peter Vardai's new Mercedes inspired Blackbird concept car.

HD Radio gets new slate of support from BMW, Ford, others

At the New York International Auto Show, the company behind HD Radio technology announced that seven automakers have renewed their commitment to providing HD Radio as a standard feature.