Men in Black 4 stays on track

The whole concept of the Men in Black comics, and the first MiB movie, was pretty sweet indeed. Back in 1997, it was fresh, innovative, and a lot of fun, although my primary pet peeve was that they showed too many of the best scenes in the trailers and commercials.

Sci-Fi classic Colossus remake to star Will Smith

Colossus: The Forbin Project is a great, classic sci-fi film from 1970 that wasn’t exactly a huge hit, but it’s still a terrific flick that holds up very well.

Will Smith talks I Am Legend and Django

There's a prequel in the works for I Am Legend, and like a lot of prequel ideas that explain everything to audiences who apparently need their hands held with everything, it seems just a tad absurd.

The journeys of Men in Black III

The days of allowing the third film in a trilogy to be a fan-only, phoned-in mess are over, and with the quality of the first two Men in Black films there is no reason not to have expected great things from this one.

The Men in Black are back

As you read often here on TG, everyone loves to be an armchair quarterback when it comes to genre movies. 

Men in Black 3 featurette learns the secrets

Sony Pictures has released a new featurette for its upcoming alien invasion comedy sequel.

Is Battleship ready for bail out?

This year we already saw a colossal flop at the box office, John Carter, and there were of course many who were predicting it was going to fail for months. 

The cost of a modern genre blockbuster

If you were around in the 1970’s, you may recall there was a lot of anger near the close of the decade when a lot of movies were going over budget.

Men in Black 3 trailer goes back

Columbia Pictures has released the first theatrical trailer for its upcoming action sci-fi sequel, Men in Black 3.

Men in Black 3 takes a leap

Columbia Pictures has released its first trailer for Men in Black 3, choosing to forego the traditional teaser, and jump right into a full-length spot instead.