STMicro gets extra funding

STMicro has been given some extra pocket money by the European Investment Bank, following it dumping the money pit chip venture STEricsson. 

Bosch moves big time into MEMS business

Before long now, it will become the norm to have detailed, indoor, 3D maps - accessible on your smartphone.

Future of MEMS energy harvesting discussed

Energy harvesting may seem like a pipe dream, but the reality is that it's not too far away relatively speaking. Microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS, could potentially help.

Wireless sensors powered by good vibrations

MIT researchers are claiming a key advance in overcoming an impediment to taking full advantage of wireless sensors, the little devices that can be used to monitor faraway infrastructure. 

DARPA eyes next-gen MEMS gyroscope technology

Northrop Grumman and the Georgia Institute of Technology have been tapped to develop a next-gen Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) gyroscope for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

HP and Shell develop wireless sensing system for oil exploration

Hewlett Packard and Shell have agreed to develop a wireless sensing system that will be used to acquire high-resolution seismic data for the oil and gas industry.