Polar ice sheets shrinking ever faster

The planet's two largest ice sheets are melting faster then ever before - three times as fast as they were just 20 years ago.

Retreating glaciers could affect water supplies

Glaciers in the eastern and central regions of the Himalayas are retreating at an ever-increasing pace,  while those in the western Himalayas may even be growing.

Greenland ice melt 'unprecedented', says NASA

Almost all of Greenland's surface ice cover has melted at some point this summer - twice as much as usual. It's the largest melt ever seen in more than 30 years of satellite observations.

Discarded photos of Rasmussen expedition show pattern of glacier melt

Eighty-year-old photos discovered by chance in a Danish basement have thrown light on how Greenland glaciers are melting today.

Arctic summer ice could increase before it disappears

If climate change continues, summer sea ice in the Arctic could disappear altogether - but in the meantime Arctic ice could temporarily stabilize or even increase.

Greenland ice melt sets new record

Last year's melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet was the worst ever recorded, according to research from the City College of New York.