Kim Dotcom wins permission to sue New Zealand spy agency

A New Zealand court this morning ruled that the mountainous MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom can sue the country's spy agency for illegal surveillance.

Kim Dotcom announces Megaupload replacement

File-sharing fat boy Kim Dotcom has unveiled a new service, Mega, the successor to the Megaupload service that's got him in so much trouble.

Dotcom search warrants ruled illegal

A New Zealand judge has ruled that the search warrants against Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom were invalid, and that data shouldn't have been handed to the FBI.

MegaUpload content will not be returned to users

If you want to retrieve the files you thought were safe and secure when you uploaded them to MegaUplad, you may need a lawyer.

Kim Dotcom may get some bling back after paperwork SNAFU

Kim Dotcom was only recently let out of jail on bail, yet reports are now surfacing that there has been a significant procedural error in the case that could see some of his seized property returned.

Claim: US government personnel used MegaUpload

The legal saga surrounding the file sharing and storage website is obviously far from over, as hearings to extradite Kim Dotcom to the States for trial won't kick off until the summer.

Kim Dotcom granted bail in extradition fight

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has been granted bail in New Zealand, after a judge overturned two previous rulings and concluded that he wasn't a flight risk.

Will Megaupload raid cost Obama the elections?

I like conspiracy theories as much as the next person. Still, just because a specific event looks like an attack on a sitting politician's re-election prospects doesn’t necessarily mean it is.  

EFF takes up cause of legit Megaupload users

Megaupload users whose data is in limbo are to get help retrieving it from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Megaupload data could be wiped this week

Users of Megaupload - including the law-abiding - are set to lose all their data as early as this week.

Unplugging: SOPA and Megaupload raid reverberate in cyberspace

It certainly has been a lively couple of week for music fans worldwide, with the threat of SOPA/PIPA bills and the Megaupload raid.

Anonymous accelerates Megaupload retaliatory campaign

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous stepped up their Megaupload retaliatory campaign over the weekend in response to the shuttering of the popular file-sharing site.

FileSonic shutters file sharing service

FileSonic - one of the net's highest-profile digital locker services - has abruptly halted its file sharing service.

Megaupload shut down; Anonymous takes revenge

With public outcry over the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act at its height, the Department of Justice has shut down file-sharing site Megaupload, describing it as an 'international organized criminal enterprise'.