MeeGo emerges from obscurity

A group of former Nokia executives who left the company rather than work on Windows Mobile have created their first smartphone using Nokia's rejected operating system MeeGo.

Video: A closer look at Jolla's Sailfish mobile OS

Sailfish wants to be a mobile contender. 

Jolla wants a Sailfish smartphone

A team of ex-Nokia employees has managed to raise $257.8 million to launch a "new" mobile operating platform based on MeeGo, an operating system jointly developed and recently abandoned by Intel and Nokia.

Ex-Nokia employees to revive Meego

Here's an interesting twist in the smartphone race.

Video spotted of Nokia N9 on Ice Cream Sandwich

The Nokia N9 will go down in mobile history as something of an enigma.

Tizen is the new MeeGo

The Linux Foundation and Intel have finally ditched MeeGo - the hapless operating system which was unceremoniously dropped by Nokia earlier this year.  

Nokia finally ships N9, with no fanfare

The phone that, in its wildest dreams, would have brought Nokia back to the forefront of the mobile race, is finally ready to be shipped.

On MeeGo and OS/2 Warp

A new report claims Intel is poised to "temporarily discontinue" development of its nascent MeeGo operating system due to a lack of enthusiasm from handset and tablet vendors.

Unfazed Intel to press ahead with MeeGo

Nokia may have launched its first and last Meego-powered smartphone, but Intel remains determined to press ahead with the development of its versatile Linux-based operating system.

Does MeeGo have a future?

An industry insider claims the nascent MeeGo operating system will be dead within 8 months.

Intel details Chrome OS collaboration

Earlier this week, Google debuted its first-gen Chromebook lineup by showcasing several devices from industry heavyweights Samsung and Acer.

Intel resurrects MeeGo in Beijing

When Nokia effectively pulled the plug on MeeGo, the feisty, yet scorned operating system refused to yield, muttering defiantly that it "didn't hear no bell."

This Russian netbook runs MeeGo

Earlier this week, Intel said reports of MeeGo's unceremonious death at the hands of Nokia and Microsoft had been greatly exaggerated.

Intel claims MeeGo will live on

Intel rep Peter Biddle says reports of MeeGo's rather unceremonious death at the hands of Nokia and Microsoft have been greatly exaggerated.

Intel's x86-powered Medfield to support Android

Intel senior VP Anand Chandrasekher has confirmed that the x86-based mobile processor known as "Medfield" will support Google's Android operating system. 

Sinking Nokia wants to ditch Symbian and MeeGo

Nokia has halted development of its first MeeGo-powered smartphone in anticipation of a major strategic shift that could see the mobile company embrace third-party operating systems, such as Android or even Windows Phone 7.

Analyst says MeeGo is an epic fail

No one ever really believed that MeeGo would be capable of seriously competing against popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, BlackBerry and perhaps even Windows Phone 7. 

Intel eyes iPhone apps for x86-based mobile devices

Intel is reportedly coding a utility that will allow devs to easily port iPhone applications to x86-based mobile devices.

Sony Ericsson axes Symbian from smartphone lineup

Sony Ericsson has unceremoniously axed Symbian's rapidly declining OS from its future smartphone lineup.

Nokia exec hella hates Android

Outgoing Nokia exec Anssi Vanjoki hella hates Android and doesn't plan on using the popular mobile OS anytime soon.