Japan develops self-propelled capsule endoscope

It’s a fact of life that sometimes your doctor has to put an endoscope inside your body cavities to have a look around. At least Japan has developed a pill-sized model that’s self-propelled.

Using super microscope scientists find body’s immunity “switch”

Thanks to a super advanced microscope, medical scientists can finally see what goes on inside of T-cells. What they've seen so far could lead to a new era of medical treatments.

New device could reduce surgical scarring

Scientists at Stanford University have developed an extraordinary wound dressing capable of greatly reducing scar tissue from incisions.

AnatOnMe: Microsoft device improves doctor patient communication

Microsoft announced this week that they have developed a new handheld device that should allow better communication between doctors and patients.

Detecting cancer, HIV with carbon nanotubes

Engineers have developed a device that can detect single cancer cells in a blood sample.

Hybrid device harvests energy from light and heat

In the future, battery-powered gadgets and gizmos may seem as archaic as old-fashioned wind-up toys.