This bionic prosthetic hand can feel

The typical prosthetic limb is a very limited device that usually looks very little like the arm, hand or leg it is meant to replace.

Medical equipment riddled with malware

Viruses and other malware are running rampant through medical technology, security experts have warned.

Dissolvable electronics do their job, then disappear

Researchers have developed tiny electronic devices that can be used in medical implants and which melt right away when they're finished with.

Video: 3D printed exoskeletons hint at a DIY future

The Pentagon has conducted an enormous amount of research over the years to develop exoskeleton suits that can be used to help soldiers carry weapons and gear.

Big step towards Tricorder medical scanner

Star Trek-style Tricorder medical scanners are a step closer to reality, say scientists, following the discovery of a new way of creating electromagnetic Terahertz waves - as currently used in full-body security scanners.

Silkworms modified to make super-strong silk

Scientists say they've been able to genetically engineer silkworms to make them spin spider silk - far stronger and more elastic than normal silk.

World's smallest video camera is less than a millimeter across

Israeli company Medigus has created the world's tiniest video cameras, at less than a millimeter in diameter.

AMD launches next-gen embedded GPU

AMD has introduced a next-gen embedded discrete graphics processor capable of driving six independent displays.

Hackers hijack medical server to play Black Ops

Some people, if they'd found they were able to break into a medical server containing confidential patient records, might consider blackmail. Not so the hackers of Seacoast Radiology's system - they used it to play Call of Duty: Black Ops instead.

US medical scientists commit most fraud

US scientists are significantly more likely to publish fake research than scientists from elsewhere, a study of officially withdrawn  studies shows.

MIT develops mirror that tells you how healthy you are

You may feel that your mirror already gives you more information than you really want first thing in the morning.

Sensor wraps itself round the brain

Scientists have developed a brain implant that melts into place, fitting to the brain's surface like shrink-wrap.

Microsoft issues warning over corporate espionage

Do you dream of stealing lucrative corporate secrets from careless and overpaid executives in the foggy San Francisco night? Well, you are not alone.