$80 PC-on-a-stick runs Linux-based XBMC media center

We've covered Android-powered PCs-on-a-stick extensively here on TG Daily. But what about a PC-on-a-stick specifically designed to run the Linux version of XBMC?

New user-friendly XBMC build for Android is here

XBMC software was originally designed for the Microsoft Xbox 360, although fans of the open-source project quickly ported the app to other platforms such as Linux, Windows, OS X and others.

Building a fanless DIY media center PC

x86-powered PCs typically generate a fair amount of heat and are often equipped with fan-based active cooling systems that can be somewhat noisy.

MediaPortal 2 Alpha 1 rolls out for HTPC enthusiasts

HTPC DIY enthusiasts should check out  the latest version of MediaPortal.

Versatile XBMC updated to Frodo

Open source developers have officially released the first beta version of XBMC 12.0, also known as Frodo.

Windows Media Center in Windows 8 will be paid upgrade

Microsoft is revealing how Media Center will be part of the Windows 8 strategy.

The sad story of the perfect media center

I recently attended Demo 2012 and one of the best products at the show was also the saddest - the Delta DVR Media Center from Amulet Devices.

IE9 beta launch: Part 2 of Microsoft's quadruple threat

Much of the last decade was defined by Microsoft missteps and outright mistakes.