EA to resurrect classic franchises

Electronic Arts (EA) is preparing to resurrect and re-imagine at least a "couple" of classic franchises.

Finally buckling under pressure, EA changes Taliban game mode

After months and months of unending negative press over the upcoming Medal of Honor game's ability to play as a member of the Taliban, that feature has been completely pulled.

Medal of Honor pulled from US military stores

After widespread criticism of the game, the US military has decided not to sell Medal of Honor at its military base exchanges, and GameStop has also said it won't stock it.

Britain defense secretary defends Medal of Honor ban

Although publisher Electronic Arts' rebuttal to Britain's Defense Secretary made it seem like Liam Fox had his foot in his mouth, the country's figurehead has defended his calls to ban the controversial Medal of Honor game.

Uppity Brits demand Medal of Honor ban

UK defense secretary Liam Fox is urging retailers to ban Medal of Honor because of its "un-British" nature. 

Taliban mission sparks Medal of Honor controversy

Want to play Medal of Honor as a Taliban terrorist? Well, just don't tell Fox News about it.