Mazda debuts new hybrid

Let’s take a brief moment to travel back in the hybrid time machine to 2010. In late March of that year, Mazda announced it was licensing hybrid technology from Toyota to develop its own hybrid offering, which would likely see the light of day in Japan in 2013.

Deep Orange 3 is a sleek hybrid car

Clemson University in South Carolina is known for its International Center for Automotive Research, and in particular the Deep Orange sustainable mobility program. We profiled one of the program’s first concept vehicles designed by students back in 2010, and now those involved in it have just unveiled their third next generation ride known as Deep Orange 3.

These Mazda 6 vehicles are diesel race cars

If you've ever watched an automotive race, it might surprise you that participants are actually striving for fuel efficiency.

Mazda preps MX-5 2014 revamp

Defining the ideal sports car clearly depends on individual tastes. Some auto enthusiasts demand loads of horsepower, while others tend to focus on lightweight chassis and first-class handling.

Mazda MX-5 GT wows Speed Festival

There are some auto enthusiasts out there who would never consider the Mazda MX-5 (aka Miata) when shopping for new car because it lacks the horsepower many sports cars offer.