What would the ancient Maya have thought about Facebook?

If Facebook were around 1,400 years ago, the ancient Maya might have been big fans of the virtual self. The Maya believed that part of your identity could inhabit material objects, like a courtier's mirror or sculptor's carving tool. Maya might even name these objects, talk to them or take them to special events. They considered these items to be alive.

The Maya calendar decoded

The Maya are famous for their complex, intertwined calendric systems, and now one calendar, the Maya Long Count, has been empirically calibrated to the modern European calendar.

Deciphering the ancient mysteries of the Maya

The University of Cincinnati’s discovery of ancient Maya mysteries continues with new research from professor of biological sciences David Lentz.

Lousy weather destroyed Mayan civilization

Decades of extreme weather first weakened the Mayan culture and then killed off much of the population.

Tomb found of Mayan warrior queen

Archaeologists working in Guatemala say they've discovered the tomb of Lady K'abel, a seventh-century queen considered one of the greatest Mayan rulers.

Sophisticated Mayan water management system revealed

Scientists have identified the largest ancient Mayan dam, constructed from stone and holding back around 20 million gallons of water in a man-made reservoir.

Mayan calendar contradicts 2012 apocalypse

Archaeologists say they've found the oldest Mayan calendar yet - and in what will be a bit of a blow for anyone that's already sold their house and taken to the hills, it runs well past 2012.