Drew Struzan is going to Comic-Con

Drew Struzan is an artist much beloved by geeks everywhere.

World War Z is in trouble

You just know there is trouble when a film is weighed down by extensive reshoots, shifting release dates and new writers feverishly reworking a script.

World War Z production suffers third act failure

The Brad Pitt-led Zombie apocalypse thriller already had to spend 7 weeks reshooting the ending because director Marc Forster wasn’t happy with the ending. Now it seems to be a lot worse.

Prepping your zombie invasion check list

Are you prepared for a zombie uprising? Are you stocked up on weapons and canned food? Oh come on, who are we kidding?! There's no such thing as zombies, we all know that, or do we?

World War Z film faces stiff competition

For those who aren’t zombie inclined, World War Z is the novel written by Max Brooks, the son of the very talented Mel Brooks of Spaceballs fame.