Yes, we may all be living in the Matrix, say physicists

German scientists say they've found a way to tell whether or not our universe is a giant computer simulation - and that there's evidence to suggest that it is.

The physics of causality

Causality has been the subject of many genre works and was perhaps most famously discussed in the Wachowskis' Matrix trilogy. 

First Cloud Atlas reviews are in

The upcoming Cloud Atlas film is the big screen adaptation of the best-selling sci-fi novel written by David Mitchell.

Feds form secret 'Net surveillance unit

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reportedly in the process of forming a "secretive" surveillance unit in Quantico, Virginia.

Some thoughts on a possible Space Invaders movie

I've often wondered if the day will ever come when games and movies successfully cross over.

Matrix sequels may be on the way, in 3D

A new rumor says that the Matrix movie franchise is in store for two more sequels, in which The One will be in three dimensions for the first time.

Cyberpunk fashion explained

Cyberpunk is the genre that started it all. Coined by Bruce Bethke in 1983, the sci-fi subcategory is focused on science, information technology, cybernetics and a radical change in social order.

Cyberpunk: Our dystopian future

I have seen the future, and it is dystopia. So get ready for an age of high tech, low life and everything in between.