Will Daredevil return?

When Daredevil hit theaters in 2003, comic films were finally starting to impress on a regular basis, but there were still clearly some bugs that needed to be worked out.

Marvel NOW! is a new beginning

Here’s what we know so far about Marvel's upcoming relaunch.

Avengers Blu-ray set is ready to wow

Marvel has released a set of promotional images showcasing the upcoming release of its Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled 10-Disc Limited Edition Six-Movie Collector’s Set.

Don’t call it a reboot for Marvel

We recently ran a report about the comic business and how well Marvel stacks up against DC. 

Secret Marvel movie revealed

With the record breaking success of The Avengers, major studios are looking for more superhero properties to make into movies, and it would be especially lucrative if they could be brought together in a group. 

Obscure superhero movies in the works

So you’re running a major studio and couldn’t get The Avengers. 

Well, hey, that’s no reason to rip your hair out over missing such a huge superhero goldmine, as there’s plenty of superheroes who have yet to make the big screen.

Marvel vs. DC: Who came out on top?

With Marvel fielding the third biggest movie of all time with The Avengers, and DC about to have a huge smash with The Dark Knight Rises, you just know the two films are going to be compared to each other.

The perfect chemistry of the Amazing Spider-Man 

As we just reported here on TG, the first reviews are in for The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot of the classic Marvel character, and it looks like the movie's a winner. 

The Avengers now #3 movie of all time

We all knew from the tracking reports that The Avengers would be a big movie, but the film has actually been insanely successful.

Avengers Assemble gets detailed

Disney has released some plot details for Avengers Assemble, the upcoming superhero animated serial.

The Amazing Spider-Man clip shatters the backboard

Columbia Pictures has released a new clip from its upcoming super hero adventure, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Dallas leaves Thor for Once

One of the most visible supporting roles in the Thor franchise won’t be able to join the cast of the second movie due to a previous contract.

The Lizard finally speaks in The Amazing Spider-Man featurette

Columbia Pictures has released a featurette for its upcoming super hero adventure, The Amazing Spider-man.

The Amazing Spider-Man b-roll footage lands on the mattress

Colombia Pictures has released a bevy of b-roll footage for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Running the Dark Knight marathon

AMC will be screening a mega-Dark Knight Marathon right before the release of Rises on July 20. 

Gay superheroes vs. one million moms

I can't believe how vocal the opponents of gay marriage have been lately, especially considering that we have far more important things to worry about in this country, like the economy being in the toilet, the environment, and the war in Afghanistan.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer throws its weight around

Columbia Pictures has released a new international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Astonishing X-Men - Northstar proposes

It’s mostly non-fan commentators with political agendas who feel strongly one way or the other about this particular union. 

The Amazing Spider-Man preview shares the mask

Columbia Pictures has released a new 4-minute preview of its upcoming super hero adventure film, The Amazing Spider-Man.

First 'Avengers' video game will go to Wii U, Xbox 360

The first in what will be a series of 'The Avengers' video games is called Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth.