Photos from Avengers set may contain spoilers

A number of photos from the set of the upcoming Avengers film have surfaced online. They purportedly show a crashed spacecraft, with a mo-cap actor strewn across the wreckage.

What is going on with the Fantastic Four?

For the last few weeks, Marvel has been teasing that something will be happening with the Fantastic Four/Future Foundation characters in November.

ABC brings two comicbook adaptations to television

ABC recently confirmed that it expects to bring The Hulk and AKA Jessica Jones to their line-up in time for next year’s pilot season.

Sony and Marvel have high hopes for The Amazing Spider-Man

A sequel is already planned for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

Marvel film canon to include Doctor Strange and other obscure characters

Marvel has been doing it right with their films lately, with every movie since Iron Man ranking as a critical and financial blockbuster.

The new Ultimate Spider-Man is revealed

With Peter Parker gone, someone new has to take up the challenge. Spoiler ahead.

Marvel season one titles and release dates announced

Marvel has announced the lineup for its upcoming season one series.

The shield and ice of Captain America: The First Avenger

The newest Marvel film certainly does not disappoint.

Trailer out for The Amazing Spider-Man

Colombia Pictures has released a trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man film.

John Carter comic coming from Marvel and Disney

Marvel and Disney will be putting out a special edition, 4-issue comic book line which will cover the story of John Carter, Dejah Thoris, and Tars Tarkas before they meet in the upcoming film.

The airbrushes and drawing tables in My Life in Comics

Joe Simon’s autobiography covers his entire life up to this point and it is filled with the comics industry.

Is this the end of Spider Man?

Marvel today announced that, for the second time this year, one of their major characters is going to be killed. Spoilers ahead!

Blade anime trailer debuts

The Japanese trailer for the new Blade series debuted this week. Based on the American comic book character (with some additional inspiration from the Hollywood adaptations), Blade is an anime series about a vampire hunter.

Seven more X-Men: First Class clips

Marvel Studios has released yet more clips for the upcoming X-Men prequel, and at this point, I’m really starting to feel like I’ve seen all the good bits.

Android’s Dream: Human Torch

Human Torch is a mechanical man in the Marvel Comics universe. As comics have notoriously poorly maintained canon, it’s tough to pin things down sometimes, but The Human Torch has a comparatively clear chronology.

Review: The falling stars and hammers of Thor

We were never quite sure of what to think about Thor leading up to its release, but now we know: it’ll be a classic.

Marvel reveals plans for post-Avengers Avengers

It’s well known at this point that all of the current Marvel film properties are building up to the Avenger’s film next spring. What may be surprising is how much is planned for afterward.

Stock and Trade: OsCorp

In Stock and Trade, our latest genre fiction feature series, we’re looking at fictional corporations. Today, we’re featuring OsCorp.

On the old and the new in Fantastic Four

FF #1 is out, and while fun for fans, it doesn’t look like enough has changed to pull in new readers for more than a couple issues.

Thor clip, TV spots revealed at WonderCon

This weekend at WonderCon, Marvel showcased two TV spots for Thor, which give us a bit more action.