Avatar Sequels Promise to Go Deeper With 3D

While many scoffed at the big comeback of 3D, and in many cases it was certainly deserved, Avatar was a major game changer for the technology. And as you can predict by now, James Cameron promises he’s going to take 3D technology even deeper the next time around. 

Major Studios Officially Stop Making Film Prints

We knew this day was coming for a long time, and now it’s officially here. Paramount Studios has announced they will no longer be making celluloid film prints of their movies, and theaters better have digital systems to project them, or they’ll get left behind. 

The end of film is drawing ever closer

The fact that movies will soon be made exclusively on digital is definitely a big bummer for film buffs like myself, but we also have to accept that it’s an inevitability.  

Martin Scorsese forced to go digital

Movie fans everywhere have been bracing themselves for the end of film, and this is probably the clearest sign yet it's going the way of the extinction sooner than later. 

Martin Scorsese just can't get enough 3D

t's a cliché to say that Martin Scorsese's our greatest living director, but he is truly a remarkable artist, and I've been an ardent fan myself for many years. 

Is Frank Sinatra going 3D?

As a long time fan of director Martin Scorsese, I'm glad to see him getting rave reviews for his latest movie, Hugo.

James Cameron gives Hugo 3D the thumbs up

Hugo 3D - Martin Scorsese's latest film - has been getting rave reviews everywhere, with at least one reviewer predicting it will stand the ultimate test of time and become a classic.

The B movie legends of Roger Corman

When legendary B movie producer Roger Corman won an Academy Award several years ago, there was of course controversy about the decision.

Martin Scorsese gets serious about 3D

Martin Scorsese may have reinvented 3D - bringing his own style to the technology - much like James Cameron did with Avatar.

Will Martin Scorsese reinvent 3D with Hugo?

Being a long time Martin Scorsese fan, I was certainly quite interested to learn that he’s made a movie in 3D, and a children’s film to boot. 

Can't keep a Goodfella down

With all due respect to Godfather I and II, GoodFellas is arguably the greatest movie about the mob ever made, and it had great source material, the best-selling book Wiseguy, by Nicholas Pileggi.

Better movies and gaming through heckling

Having been to a number of midnight films and grindhouse screenings, let me just tell you the right audience can really make a movie come to life - even if it is a dreadfully bad movie. 

On sci-fi and Tim Burton

Many years ago, Martin Scorsese created A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, a lengthy documentary and companion book that went through many of his favorite films and filmmakers. 

Forget the Hangover tattoo - try removing these!

When Metallica was making fun of Axl Rose on their documentary, A Year and a Half in the Life, The Guns 'N Roses singer threw a fit and demanded the video be changed - or else.

Goodfellas behind the scenes

I can attest it's probably easier to get the Pope on the phone than to get an interview with Martin Scorsese, and we all know that attempting to get an articulate answer out of DeNiro in an interview is akin to trying to part the Red Sea.