Plate tectonics observed on Mars

Mars may be experiencing plate tectonics - a phenomenon previously thought to be confined to Earth.

Rover camera shows Red Planet in color

The Curiosity rover's sent back the first images from its color Mast Camera (Mastcam), along with a 360-degree panorama of Gale Crater.

NASA releases Curiosity landing images

Stunning images are already being beamed back from the Curiosity Mars rover as it undergoes a series of health checks before beginning its mission of exploration.

NASA's Curiosity rover lands on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars at 10:31 p.m. Aug. 5 PDT, or about 3 p.m. local time on the red planet.

Mars Curiosity Rover will face its moment of truth

NASA's Mars Curiosity remains on track to reach its destination on August 5, when the rover begins its complex descent to the red planet.

Kirk and Crusher team up on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover is scheduled to land on the surface of Mars at 1:31 AM EDT on August 6.

Curiosity rover ready to land on Mars

NASA's next big space project is about to hit its apex.

On Martian polygons and ancient oceans

Debate over the origin of large-scale polygons on Mars continues even after several decades of detailed observations - as similarity in geometric patterns on the red planet and Earth have long sparked the imagination. 

NASA's Mars panorama is breathtaking

NASA has released a panoramic image depicting the ruddy terrain around the outcrop where the space agency's Opportunity rover spent its most recent Martian winter.

Life's building blocks could be near Martian surface

If there's any evidence of ancient life on Mars, it's likely to be found near the surface, new research suggests - dramatically upping the chances that it'll be discovered by the Curiosity rover, set to land next month.

Recent surface water detected on Mars

Parts of Mars appear to have been modified by liquid water comparatively recently, indicating that there may have been favorable conditions for life.

'Extensive' water found in Mars' interior

There's vastly more water in Mars's mantle than previously thought - as much as on Earth, in fact - dramatically raising the chances that the planet might once have sustained life.

Yes, it snows on Mars

Clouds of snow blanket the Red Planet's poles during the dead of a Martian winter. However, unlike Earth's water-based snow, the particles on Mars are actually frozen crystals of carbon dioxide.  

NASA tweaks Mars rover landing plans

NASA has decided its precision landing gear is accurate enough to let it land the Curiosity Mars rover a lot closer to its target than expected.

Could these strange new microbes survive on Mars?

Scientists have discovered new types of organism living in one of the most inhospitable soils in the world - raising hopes that something similar could survive on Mars.

Mars methane not biological in origin

Disappointingly, scientists say they've been able to establish where the methane on Mars comes from - and it's not from living organisms.

Organic carbon originated on Mars

New, NASA-funded research indicates that very large molecules containing carbon - a key ingredient for the building blocks of life - have originated on Mars.

The dark shadows of Mars

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity recently used a low sun angle to snap a memorable view of a large Martian crater.

From the Mojave Desert to Mars

NASA recently tested a Mars rover in California's Mojave Desert to prepare for the August landing of its Curiosity rover on the red planet. 

Martian sand dunes are still on the move

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has revealed that  sand dunes on Mars can put on a surprising turn of speed.