Adapting to a Martian day

Since the beginning of August, NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has been exploring the Red Planet and learning as much as it can about the terrain.

And the weather on Mars is... really very pleasant

Preliminary weather reports from the Curiosity rover’s Remote Environment Monitoring Station (REMS) are showing some surprisingly mild temperatures during the day. 

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover analyzes Jake Matijevic

The robotic arm of NASA’s Curiosity rover recently made contact with a Martian rock for the first time - analyzing the chemical elements inside of a rock dubbed "Jake Matijevic" by scientists.

NASA's Opportunity spots strange spherical objects on Mars

NASA's stalwart Opportunity rover has captured an image of the Martian surface that is puzzling scientists.

Mars Curiosity rover readies for Red Planet trek

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has completed the delicate calibration of a robotic arm as it awaits further instructions in Gale Crater near the Martian equator.

Dry ice falls as snow on Mars

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has returned the first definitive evidence of carbon dioxide snowfalls on Mars - the only place this is known to happen anywhere in our solar system.

NASA's Curiosity rover is ready for more Mars action

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover recently concluded a series of preparatory tests designed to calibrate precision movements by the rover's robotic arm which is used to deploy a wide variety of tools.

Early Mars not so wet after all

One of the most encouraging signs for those searching for evidence of early water on Mars has been the existence of clays. But a French-US team has now rained on that particular parade.

Mars image may indicate presence of water ice

Scientists studying data from ESA's Mars Express spacecraft say they may have spotted signs of water on the planet's surface.

Mars rover carries out arm exercises

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is taking a break from driving to prepare for full use of the tools on its arm.

Manned Mars mission wins initial funding

Dutch company Mars-One says it's won enough sponsorship money to create a reality TV show which it hopes will in turn fund a manned trip to Mars.

Curiosity begins longest journey yet

The kids are in the back, there's gas in the tank, and NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has set off on its first long trip.

Curiosity takes first telephoto images of Mount Sharp

NASA's Curiosity rover has beamed back the first telephoto images from the Martian surface, showing a mountainside marked by eroded knobs and gulches, and geological layering clearly visible.

Ray Bradbury on Mars

Ray Bradbury's now officially part of the galaxy. 

Curiosity rover takes its first drive

Humans have left the first wheel tracks on Mars, following the Curiosity rover's first, short drive.

Curiosity to take first steps today

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover will take its first test drive today, in a 30-minute jaunt that will end where it started.

NASA's next Mars mission set for 2016

NASA's announced plans for another visit to Mars, this time to check out its interior.

Curiosity rover starts firing laser

Yesterday, an invader from another planet fired off a laser 30 times, in what we have to hope won't be seen as an act of aggression by any overlooked Martian inhabitants.

Anthrax on Mars

No this is not a report about a horrible diseases on Mars we could potentially bring back to Earth - that was pretty much the plot of The Andromeda Strain, except that disease came back from the moon. 

Mars rover gets new orders

NASA's in the final stages of a series of software updates to the Curiosity Mars rover designed to optimize it for surface operations.