Apple ranks big as a manufacturer; iOS still trails Android

Apple is still growing its market share as a vendor of smartphones, but in all other categories, Google rules the roost. Who is doing better, Google or Apple? Depends on how you want to spin it. 

How Windows is slowly killing Microsoft's mojo

Oh, for goodness sake, Microsoft isn't going to die. It will continue to be a giant in the tech industry, but like the rich geezer on Viagra hanging on to a 20 something gold digger, the company isn't going to have much mojo.

Apple losing market share to Samsung

Apple continues to lose ground to arch-rival Samsung at an alarming rate.

Samsung predicts rise in revenues but income fall

Samsung posted its financial estimations in the three months to the end of March, with enormous expected operating profits of roughly $7.7 billion (8.7 trillion won) - up over 50 percent from the same time last year.

Android claims 70% smartphone market share

Strategy Analytics confirms that Google's wildly popular mobile operating system claimed approximately 70.1% of the lucrative smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2012.

No, RIM's BlackBerry isn't dead just yet

Despite a declining market share, RIM still maintains a fairly large and loyal install base, especially in the Latin American and Asian markets - providing the industry heavyweight with a steady revenue stream.

Galaxy S3 steals crown as top-selling smartphone - for now

More bad news for Apple: Samsung's Galaxy S3 has become the world's best-selling smartphone, knocking the iPhone 4S down to second place.

Android shows gains in tablet market

Apple's launch of the iPad Mini hit the company's sales figures in the previous months as users hung on for the new device.

Lenovo now neck and neck with HP as PC market leader

Lenovo may - or may not - have knocked HP off its perch as the world's top PC supplier, depending on which analyst firm you believe.

Android smartphone market share declines slightly

Handsets powered by Google’s popular Android operating system have apparently lost some ground to Apple’s iPhone in the lucrative US smartphone space.

Samsung knocks Nokia off smartphone top spot

The king is dead; long live the king. After a 14-year run, Nokia has finally lost its crown as the world's leading cellphone manufacturer.

Apple's tablet share slips

Apple's share of the global media tablet market slipped to 57% during the fourth quarter of 2011 - down from 64% in the third quarter.

Report: Apple closing the Android smartphone gap

The recent high-profile launch of Cupertino's long-awaited iPhone 4S had a significant impact on the proportion of smartphone owners who chose to purchase an Apple handset.

Why Windows Phone 7 hasn't taken off

A former Microsoft exec weighs in on why Windows Phone 7 (WP7) hasn't managed to claim significant market share as it struggles to compete against Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Apple to dominate mobile app market for years

Apple's control of the mobile app market is set to continue for at least three years, according to projections from IHS Screen Digest.

iPhone accounts for 55 percent of mobile ads

More than half of smartphone ads appear on the Apple OS, according to figures from Millennial Media, but Android is catching up fast.

Android takes another bite from Apple's market share

Google's Android platform is continuing to make steady gains in market share, increasing by almost a half from February to May.

Nokia cuts its 2009 market share, increases 2010 predictions

Nokia has decreased estimates of its 2009 mobile phone market share, but also pushed up forecasts for how the industry will do in 2010.

Apple makes gains in smartphone market

Apple now has more than a quarter of the US smartphone market, according to the latest figures from ComScore.