Theres no looking back for Facebook after 10 years

While any new technology or website phenomenon will always have its share of critics and haters, I enjoy Facebook a great deal. I get a lot of news from it first, it’s a great way to find people and stay in touch, and I’ve also had emotional times when looking somebody up will take me back into the past. (It’s quite a trip to look somebody up on Facebook, and realize how far you and that person have come since then.)

Zuckerberg's Google's Project Loon without balloons?

Silicon Valley's sense of giving is disproportionately low compared to its sense of getting. So, you have to take every seemingly earth shattering we-are-the-world announcement with a tablespoon of salt.  Lord love them, the billionaire geeks running the world really try to make it a better place without every having had to really live in it, like the rest of us.  

Facebook Home wants to take over your Android phone

Mark Zuckerberg has introduced Facebook Home, a platform designed to transform Android smartphones into Facebook-centric devices.

Facebook's Zuckerberg gets into politics

28 year old Facebook boss mark Zuckerberg is rumoured to be heading into the murky world of political lobbying - co-organised with Harvard roommate Joe Green. It is expected the group will primarily be advocating immigration reform.

$100 fee lets you tell Zuckerberg what you think of him

If you want to give Mark Zuckerberg your opinion on Facebook's new paid messaging service - or anything else - it could cost you $100.

Man who claimed half of Facebook charged with fraud

Paul Ceglia - the man who tried to claim that he owned half of Facebook - was arrested on Friday and charged with mail and wire fraud that could see him spending 20 years behind bars.

Zuckerberg aims to boost Russian presence

Mark Zuckerberg yesterday met with Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev, in an attempt to raise the profile of Facebook in the country.

Zuckerberg pledges mobile future

Mark Zuckerberg says he's not at all happy about Facebook's share price, but believes the company's got a big future in the mobile arena.

Zuckerberg pledges to keep Facebook shares

With its stock price languishing, Facebook has announced that it won't be making a secondary offering of its shares, and that Mark Zuckerberg will hang on to his own for at least another year.

Zuckerberg doesn't quite make world's richest list

Mark Zuckerberg hasn't qualified as one of the richest men in the world, but we're sure he's not too upset about it.

Facebook IPO filing may come today

Facebook is today expected to announce plans to go public, in a flotation expected to value the company at an almost unimaginable $100 billion.

Facebook threatens fake Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has threatened to file a lawsuit against a man who recently changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook glitch offers peek into Zuckerberg's private life

A security flaw in Facebook's image reporting tool has been blamed for the unauthorized viewing of private photos, including those belonging to site founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook to tick social boxes with live content ticker

In a move to ward off attack from Google's G+ service, Facebook is expected to launch a new live-stream ticker service on Thursday which will show what users are watching and listening to on the web.

Winklevoss twins become pistachio pitchmen

Well, it may not pay the millions of dollars they sought in their Facebook lawsuit, but the Winklevoss twins have landed a new job.

Mark Zuckerberg's sister starts own company

It appears the Zuckerberg entrepreneurial spirit will live on in another Zuckerberg.

Winklevosses lose in court, again

The Winklevoss twins have again failed to convince a judge that, actually, they should have owned a good chunk of Facebook.

Former Harvard pres disses Winklevoss twins

The Winklevoss brothers may look like they have it all, but they didn't really score any favors with the head of their university.

Video chat - could it be Facebook's biggest mistake?

Presentation is indisputably a significant factor in how well a product is received by consumers. 

Rumor: China wants a piece of Facebook

Yes folks, you read that right. 

It seems a Chinese sovereign fund has contacted Citibank and a former Facebook employ requesting help to purchase a not so "huge chunk" of the popular social networking site.